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Prayer: Adjustment to the Eternal Purpose

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  • April 12, 2009

There is no “magic formula” for getting what you want through prayer. God will not be manipulated by faith-formulas or vain confession. He is not moved by our greedy pursuit of “things”. The Lord will never adjust Himself to us and what we want. Instead, we must be adjusted to Him and ensure that He gets what He wants.

What He wants is a universe filled with Jesus Christ. This is why the Lord Himself taught us to pray daily for the establishment of God’s Kingdom and the fulfillment of God’s Will. This is the prayer of the Overcomers. When we pray in this manner we are being adjusted to God’s Eternal Purpose – individually as disciples, and together as the Body of Christ. In the process of time, the world around us gets adjusted as well.

In this eight part series of teachings we take an in-depth look at how Jesus taught us to pray. We examine key principles of prayer that cooperate with God and establish the preeminence of Christ over all things. We discuss real prayer as being Christ-centered, not self-centered. And we show you step by step how to get aligned, oriented, calibrated and adjusted to God’s Purpose – and stay that way.

Warning: your prayer life may never be the same again!

There are eight messages in this series, including:

Introduction: God’s Eternal Purpose
Part 1 – When You Pray
Part 2 – The Kingdom of God
Part 3 – The Will Of God
Part 4 – Our Daily Bread
Part 5 – Forgive Us Our Sins
Part 6 – Deliver Us From Evil
Part 7 – The Kingdom, Power, and Glory

About Chip Brogden

Chip Brogden is an international best-selling author, teacher and founder of TheSchoolOfChrist.Org and Sonrise Television. His writings and teachings reach more than 135 nations with a simple, consistent, Christ-centered message. Connect with Chip on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • hamony sunday says:

    i am hamony sunday from nigeria but base in senegal
    i love word of God that is why i am here so i can say my being here today give me joy more than i use to be because a particullar place let me know that God is the author and finisher of every thing so dear any one who myth read this try to give me advice of how miracle of God work on every persons live

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