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Embrace the Cross

by Chip Brogden

In Biblical times, discipleship was a method of learning in which a student, called a disciple, went to a Teacher and said, “I want to learn your teaching and be just like you.  I will follow you wherever you go, I will submit to your teaching and to your authority.”  If the student had potential, the Teacher would accept the new student as a disciple.  The disciples would follow the Teacher around and not just listen to the teaching, but watch how the Teacher lived, and how the teaching was to be carried out in a practical way.  Eventually the disciples would look, sound, talk, and behave just like the Teacher.  Then they would pass the teaching on to others using the same process of finding, training, and raising up disciples. This is exactly the same way Jesus made His disciples.

Disciples of Jesus want to grow. They want to mature.  They want to go farther.  They want to go higher. They want to go beyond hearing the teachings of Jesus – they want to learn and put what they learn into practice.  And they aren’t just concerned with going to heaven; they are concerned about the world around them, and the people around them, and they want to make a difference. 

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