The purpose of revelation is not to substantiate your illusions about God, but to eliminate them.

For many years I was a pastor, teacher and worship leader in the church system. One day, “Jesus ruined my life” by revealing Himself to me in a profound way. And I’m so glad that He did! That was the end of my career as a preacher for Organized Religion – but the beginning of an exciting journey into the depths of Christ “outside the camp.”

Since 1995, I’ve shared my unique perspective with people all over the world who are sick and tired of “Churchianity” and want to get back to their First Love – or even find Him for the first time. Some find these teachings encouraging and confirming. Others find them controversial and upsetting. It really depends on where you are in your journey. I believe in following the Truth, wherever the Truth may lead.

To help you dive into the material, everything I talk about can be categorized into four main subjects: Christ, Ekklesia, Discipleship, and Prophetic. I have several books, hundreds of articles, and many hours of spoken messages for those who really want to go deeper.

As I pray and study, the Lord gives me new things to share. People on my mailing list get instant access to new content and more interactive learning opportunities like online courses and live events.

Thank you for visiting! May Christ be increased as you read, listen, and share these truths with others.

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