Your Jar of Oil

by Chip Brogden

June 27

Your Jar of Oil
“Your maidservant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil.”
2 KINGS 4:2

Every disciple of the Lord Jesus is at a different level of growth and spiritual maturity. But may I say that no matter how long you have walked with the Lord – be it several years or only a day – you have at least one “jar of oil” in your house.

Now what you do with that one jar of oil makes the difference between a victorious life and a defeated life. The single jar of oil is not much in and of itself. It is not sufficient to meet the demands of your creditors, nor is it sufficient to sustain your spiritual life. It is only sufficient when it is poured forth. The one who “saves” his life will lose his life, but the one who “pours out” his life will really have it in abundance.

Source: “Lord of All” by Chip Brogden

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