Not Yet, But…

by Chip Brogden

October 17

“We do not yet see all things
put under Him; but we see Jesus.”
-HEBREWS 2:8,9

Today, Scripture acknowledges, we do not YET see all things submitted to Him. I must say I find that word “YET” terribly exciting! That word “YET” means that something is in store for everything that remains unsubmitted to the Lord Jesus Christ. The presence of the word “YET” means its manifestation is inevitable.

We are not pretending to see something that does not really exist – yes, we agree that we do not YET see all things submitted to Him, things are bad, and will probably get worse; BUT we do see JESUS, and for the Christian who seeks first the Kingdom of God, that revelation is sufficient. You may see every fact to the contrary and argue against Him, but we see Who He is by revelation, and by revelation we know that what we see happening in the unsubmitted earth today will be set in order when Christ and His Kingdom are manifest in all of creation.

Source: The Irresistible Kingdom by Chip Brogden

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