OTC #7: Simple Gatherings

by Chip Brogden


Jesus said that He is in the midst of two or three who are gathered in His Name. For all the talk about “gathering together” it really isn’t that difficult, if you just eliminate from your mind the old institutional obsession with large numbers. Jesus is not so interested in numbers. He is very non-specific – He says, two or three. Could be as little as two. Could be as many as three. Just two or three. Very small. Very insignificant in terms of what we have come to expect a “gathering” is supposed to look like. Jesus says He is in the midst of as few as two or three who are gathered together in His Name. I just think that is very liberating. Very freeing, that we do not have to gather dozens or hundreds or thousands of people together and put them in a box. You can call the box a church or a house church or a group or a conference or a meeting or a gathering, but whatever you call it, that “box” often gets in the way of the simplicity of Christ.

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