OTC #9: The Spiritual Importance of the Wilderness, Part 1

by Chip Brogden

When you really look at the Word of God as a whole – not just one or two verses they like to quote in church all the time, but really look at the Word of God, and look at the history of Judaism – we see that there is much more written about the wilderness experience of coming out of Babylon and going into the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord. Making that journey “into the wilderness” is just another way of saying “going outside the camp to be with Jesus.” It means you’re leaving behind the safe, comfortable, familiar world and you’re making a new, exciting, journey into the spiritual depths of Christ, where you are reduced to Jesus. Because you see, in the wilderness, you have to rely upon the Lord for daily bread, and water from a rock. Your spiritual life is revealed for what it really is, and there in the wilderness you learn the difference between a religion about Jesus and a relationship with Jesus.

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