Answers to Good Questions

Q1: I would like to know what about the Lord Jesus compels you the most, having walked with Him for a good number of decades.
Chip: I would say that for me everything about Him is Unfailing Love, Abounding Grace, and Infinite Mercy. Everything is summed up into this, yet I am still discovering new dimensions of this. Father, Son, and Spirit are equally compelling to me in these three attributes.
Q2: In your journey with the Lord, did you ever consider quitting at any time? If yes, may I know why and how was it resolved?”
Chip: I cannot remember ever wanting to quit my walk or my journey with the Lord. I have considered quitting various “things” I had been doing for God – different works related to ministry, etc. Sometimes I would take a step back. Sometimes I would just surrender them until I felt led to take them up again. I have done this two or three times with The School of Christ.
Q3. In your experience, what has been the hardest part of following the Lord?
Chip: I really find nothing hard in following the Lord. The difficulty for me has always been the Lord’s people – healing from hurts and moving on, not shutting myself off for fear of being hurt again. This is perhaps why giving and receiving Unfailing Love, Abounding Grace, and Infinite Mercy are so important to me.
Q4. Has your priorities in your walk with the Lord changed over the last two decades? What means more to you at this point?”
Chip: Prayer, writing, and teaching remain my highest priorities as it relates to ministry. My primary concern has been to ensure the continuity of a Christ-centered faith, and that concern has only increased with the years. But ministry cannot be all-consuming, so that is one change. There is also family and taking care of my health as I get older. Perhaps one other change is less emphasis on persuading the unpersuadable and more emphasis on supporting those already persuaded but needing help.

Q5:Do you remember exactly when the burden to hand down a Christ-centered faith was birthed in you? How did it come about?

Chip: In early 2003, the Lord quickened 2 Tim. 2:2 to me, which I paraphrase as, “Teach these things to faithful people who can teach others.” At the time I was involved with a television ministry and I assumed this is what it had to do with. I soon realized it was bigger than the television ministry; and once they got rid of me, 2 Tim. 2:2 became a mission for ensuring the continuity of a Christ-centered faith. I saw the need, not for another church, but for a school, to “teach these things to faithful people who could teach others.” What “things”? The things concerning the Lord Jesus: “Him we preach, warning all people and teaching all people with all wisdom, that we may present all people perfect in Christ” (Col. 1:28, paraphrased). Thus, a School of Christ, based on a Christ-centered faith, not based on a church-centered or self-centered faith.

Q6: What do you look for in your audience that gives you a hint that the purpose of your labour is accomplished?”

Chip: When I am able to confirm what someone already knows or suspects to be true but has been unable to express it or understand it.

Q7: Looking back the last three decades, is there an improvement in receiving love from the saints or do you receive even less love now?”

Chip: I receive many messages of encouragement and support. I occasionally receive messages that are filled with hate. That has always been the case and probably always will. Anyone who puts their messages out to the public has to be able to handle both.

Q8: Any advise on Christian relationships, drawing on your experience, please?

Chip: It is important to love people where they are, as they are, and try to encourage them to come one step higher. We need less judgment and more grace for one another, but this cannot happen until we have been healed of our hurts so we can grow in grace.





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