Free At Last: How to Be a Christian Without Going to Church

by Chip Brogden

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To be a follower of Jesus, and to NOT go to church, is a “new” experience for many people!

God is calling many people to come out of Organized Religion, out of “Churchianity.” They see the religious system for what it is, and they are being called by God to come out of the church system, and they are learning what it means to follow Jesus in the wilderness. And that means learning a brand new way of worshiping God, a brand new way of fellowship. Not “new” in the sense of something strange or weird, but “new” in the sense that most of us have grown up in a church-tradition that says Christians goes to church. So to be a follower of Jesus, and to NOT go to church, is a “new” experience for many people. This series of messages will help you understand this exodus from a Scriptural perspective and will answer most of the questions and issues people have about going (or not going) to church. The purpose is not to persuade people to leave, but to encourage and support those who already have – you are not crazy, you are not alone, and you are not forgotten by God!

01. Have You (Really) Forsaken the Assembly?

People love to quote that “forsake not the assembling of yourselves together” verse as the #1 reason why Christian must go to church. Many churches and pastors want to use it that way. It’s a way to keep people from leaving church, and it’s a way to make people feel guilty for not going to church. But what does the verse really say? What does it really mean? We deal with this first because it’s the first thing you’ll have to answer when (and if) you decide to stop going…

02. Who Should You Submit To?

Since Jesus said all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Him, why do so many others claim to have it? Once you truly discover spiritual authority you will never again submit yourself to the fleshly demands of a hireling. It’s just that simple. We want to correct the erroneous impressions so many Christians have about spiritual authority and equip them with good, practical, Biblical teaching on the subject so they can be released from the spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial bondage of religious oppression…

03. The Truth About Tithing

The religious system not only keep people in spiritual bondage, but in financial bondage as well. It’s hard for someone to see the truth about tithing when their livelihood depends upon them NOT seeing it. This is why you won’t hear the truth about tithing preached from the pulpit. Organized Religion supports itself by using Scripture to ask people to pay tithes. Is this an honest, accurate, Biblical interpretation? Or, it is just an example another example of taking Scriptures out of context and twisting them to support something that God never intended? Why doesn’t the New Testament say anything about Christians paying tithes? You may be surprised at the answers…

04. Whose Church Is It, Anyway?

What is the Church? Who started it? Who keeps it going? Who does it belong to? It depends on which Church you’re talking about. This really has nothing to do with a building, or with an organization. It has to do with the fact that we have created a counterfeit system of worship that lulls people into a deep, tranquil sleep and gives them a false sense of security and fellowship. Try getting rid of the church building to meet in and see what happens. I’ve already been down that road many times before and I know how the story ends, but I won’t spoil it for you. You have to see the golden calf for yourself…

05. Living in Laodicea

Sometimes people say to me, well brother Chip, I like all the Christ-centered teaching you bring, and I wish you would just stick to that, and cut out all the this anti-church rhetoric. Well, I wish I could stick to just talking about the Lord and overlook every false, misleading, counterfeit thing that is said and done in His Name, but how is that Spirit and Truth? The Truth will make you free, and our heart is to see God’s people set free. I want all people, everyone, to experience the joy and freedom of a Christ-centered faith that is based on relationship, not religion. And brothers and sisters, the path to THAT kind of relationship and intimacy with God takes you outside the camp.

06. Answers to Common Objections

There’s some good reasons why I think it’s helpful to share negative feedback. I think it helps you to see how other people think. I believe the majority of our listeners are on the same page with us, and they get it. But not everyone gets it, and it’s certainly instructional for us to look at how they think, and the objections they raise. So we’re going to share the negative feedback, but we’re going to deal with it in a positive way. And when you see how I deal with it, it will help you deal with the negative feedback you get from people, for example, when you try to share your journey with them, and tell them what God has been doing in your life since you left the Church…

07. Spiritual Leadership: Who Needs It?

If your view of fellowship is wrong, your view of spiritual leadership will be wrong. Most people in the religious system operate under the premise that the pastor is the spiritual leader of the church, some favor a plurality of elders, and then some have thrown off spiritual leadership altogether and think the best way is for everyone to come together and just be “led by the Spirit.” So which way is best? I’m going to answer the same way Jesus answered the woman at the well; He said, “Neither,” (given a choice of two options) – and I’ll say, “None of the above,” (given a choice of three or more options). If you look at the Body of Christ as an organization, you’re going to interpret that differently than if you look at the Body of Christ as a Family…

08. When to Leave Your Church

People come out of church for a lot of different reasons. Some have a revelation of Christ and they have a revelation of the Ekklesia, and in obedience to that revelation, they come out of church on their own. That would be wonderful if it only happened more often. But most people need a catalyst. What I mean is, most people need a good firm kick in the butt before they will come out of church. That’s the way it was with me…

09. Stepping Out: From Fear to Faith

There’s the fear of not attending church. Why is it such a struggle for people? They see the truth, they certainly hear the truth if they listen to this program, but there’s this ongoing struggle. They just can’t let go of the idea that if they stop going to church, something bad is going to happen to them. Maybe they’ll backslide. Maybe their family won’t approve. Maybe they will lose their friends. Maybe the devil will catch them somewhere else on Sunday morning and make something bad happen to them. All kinds of strange things and excuses why people still cling to something that God has already judged and told us to come out of. But they don’t come out. One reason: FEAR. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what might happen to them. Religion has produced this fear in you. It’s like a black cloud hanging over your head, turning what should be a joyful thing into a fearful thing. I don’t blame you, I blame the religious system. Fear is the fruit of that religious system…

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