Lord of the Sabbath

by Chip Brogden

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The spiritual principle of the Sabbath is what God wants us to observe – not the outward ceremony.

Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. Jesus is the Master of the Sabbath. Jesus is the Point of the Sabbath. Jesus is the Goal of the Sabbath. In the New Covenant God wants us to celebrate a Person, not a Day. He want us to observe and hear and obey His Son, not observe some external commandment or tradition of men. Always remember that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. And always remember that apart from Him, you can do nothing. This is the beginning of spiritual life. It is the beginning of fruitfulness. It is the beginning of any great work. Not with activity, but with rest. Confident assurance. Quiet remembrance. And this, my friends, like everything else God wishes to teach us, has nothing to do with what we do or do not do on a particular day of the week. It has to do with a heart-attitude, a spiritual perception, a spiritual entering-into Christ, trusting in Him to do in me, and through me, what I cannot do myself.

Just like our teaching on tithing, The Lord of the Sabbath will offend the religious sensibilities of many, but will bring freedom to those seeking deliverance from the Sunday-go-to-meeting lifestyle.

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CHIP BROGDEN is a best-selling author, teacher, and former pastor. His writings and teachings reach more than 135 nations with a simple, consistent, Christ-centered message focusing on relationship, not religion. Learn more »


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