Prevailing Prayer

by Chip Brogden

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Revolutionize Your Prayer Life

Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior, or relatively new when it comes to prayer, this four-part audio program will help you open your eyes to the possibility and potential of prayer; give you tons of Biblical promises to boost your confidence in prayer; help you find your unique “mode” of prayer that best suits your gifts, personality, and place in the Body of Christ. You’ll also learn how to develop a fruitful, fulfilling, and effective prayer life, as well as how to overcome some common difficulties in prayer (like unanswered prayer, or distracting thoughts while praying) so you can prevail!

01. Principles of Prevailing Prayer

Part 1: Why God needs people who will pray · Why God wants us to pray (instead of automatically giving us what we need) · 7 big motivations for getting your prayer life on track · 4 Biblical Principles of Prayer that get results · 3 main categories of prayer – you are especially gifted in at least ONE of these · Answers to 7 Foolish Arguments

02. Principles of Personal Prayer

Part 2: What Personal Prayer is, and why it matters to you · How to prepare yourself for getting the most out of your prayer time · How to create your own personal “prayer space” to virtually eliminate distractions · Some simple, but effective tools to have with you when you pray · IMPORTANT: A step-by-step way to approach God using the “High Priest” method of entering in (people who pray this way say it has revolutionized their prayer life)

03. Principles of Intercessory Prayer

Part 3: What intercessory prayer really means · Biblical examples of interecessory prayer that gets results (and when it falls short) · The difference between Personal Prayer and Intecessory Prayer, and how that affects your usual approach to the Lord · 3 ways to intercede (use one, two, or all three methods) · 5 things to AVOID when you begin SERIOUSLY praying for others (or you will quickly be overwhelmed and frustrated)

04. Principles of Prophetic Prayer

Part 4: What prophetic prayer is NOT · What prophetic prayer IS · The differences between Person, Intercessory, and Prophetic Prayer · The exact approach to use, and the Biblical way to pray prophetically · The “final step” that ensures you don’t quit just short of the full benefit and blessing of prayer! · Plus: 7 Main Reasons for Unanswered Prayer, and how to overcome them






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About the Author

CHIP BROGDEN is a best-selling author, teacher, and former pastor. His writings and teachings reach more than 135 nations with a simple, consistent, Christ-centered message focusing on relationship, not religion. Learn more »


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