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Overcoming Evil

by Chip Brogden
“Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21).
Why is there evil? A better question: Why is there good? The real miracle is that good exists, and that God can bring good out of evil. How is it possible? It is a miracle.

Someone once asked Brother Lawrence, the French monk, if he wondered why there was evil in the world. Brother Lawrence replied that he was not surprised by the evil in the world, he was only surprised that there was not more, considering the malice that people were capable of.

In the worst evil, Life and Light come forth and God is glorified.

Goodness, holiness, love – that they exist at all in this world is miraculous.

All of human history – sin, failure, rebellion, death – all this evil will continue. Not only will it continue, but the Bible says that wicked men and seducers will become worse and worse (2 Tim. 3:13). God will permit evil to come into its fullness. Then, the Bible says He will work all things together for good (Rom. 8:28). He will destroy death, and there will be no more sorrow or crying (Rev. 21:4). He will reverse the curse and bring everything out of weakness, out of death, out of darkness, out of foolishness – all this evil – and will bring forth strength, life, light, wisdom, and good.

You say that’s impossible. Yes, with man it is impossible, and we see no way out of this mess. But with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).

Your adversity, your distress, your trouble, your affliction, your persecution, your tribulation, your suffering, your trials, all of them are designed to show you how God turns Weakness into Strength (2 Cor. 12:9); Death into Life (Rom. 8:2); Darkness into Light (Acts 26:18, John 8:12); Foolishness into Wisdom (1 Cor. 1:27-30).

Look at the New Creation: “If any man be in Christ He is a new creation; old things are passed away, behold all things are become new.” (2 Cor. 5:17). He turns everything around in you the moment you are born from above. He continues to do this throughout your life.

He says the same thing in the Book of Revelation, but this time referring to the heavens and the earth: “Behold, I make all things new.” (Rev. 21:5). There is the principle. He is doing it in you now, and in me, and one day what He has done in us He will do in all creation.

Good out of Evil. You see it in Joseph. What did Joseph say to his brethren? “You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good” (Gen. 50:20). Joseph is a type of Christ.

“The Stone that the builders rejected became the Head of the Corner.” (Matt. 21:42). Despised and rejected of men, betrayed by Judas, forsaken by the disciples, condemned by the Jews and crucified by the Romans. You say what has happened to you is unfair? The crucifixion of Jesus was the most unfair event in human history. Man killed God. Can you imagine that? How evil is that? How dark is that? How foolish is that?

When they arrested Him, Jesus said, “This is your hour, and the power of darkness.” (Luke 22:53). He allowed them “their hour”. Go ahead and take the greatest concentration of evil you can find, bring the full force of death and hell and satan against the Lord Jesus, let evil do all it can do. What is the end result? He is raised up triumphant over it all.

Jesus did not avoid death. Sometimes death is unavoidable. Sometimes darkness is unavoidable. Sometimes evil appears to have the advantage. But in death, in darkness, in the worst evil, Life and Light come forth and God is glorified. If not here where we can see it, in the End, when all things are revealed, when He makes all things new and wipes away every tear from every eye.


  1. Gert Cornelissen

    Wonderul how the Spirit leads the sons of God! The Lord has lately spoken to me about this truth of how Life comes out of Death and how presssures, trials, etc are for the birth of new things!

    There is also the truth of daily living in the Death of Christ in order for the Life of Christ to be manifested through our mortal bodies(2 Cor. 4?)My feeling is that there is an eternal principle in this!

    Anyway, bless you Chip and may Christ continue to increase in you and through your ministry!

  2. Billy Sample

    Awsome article! I have been reading a book called The God I don’t Understand. Even when I don’t understand God does. He is starting to show me that in a big way. It is so good to be a friend of God. Thank you for your love for him!

  3. Heidi McClain

    Thank you for this post. I teach a class of 11th graders who ask very deep questions. Many times the class has discussed the problem of “why is htere evil”. So to have the premise “why is there good?” Is excellent and I can see will be a wonderful jumping off point for good discussion and study of the word.

    THanks, Heidi

  4. MHGservants

    Well spoken and beautifully put. We need never fear what may come our way – only stand and see the salvation within us take place experientially. It only serves to remove any hindrance that be in the way from Him coming to fruition through us. A glorious undoing – and if it for some reason be misplaced evil – it will only serve to get you somewhere quicker – halleluyah and serve as a witness.

  5. ENOCH


  6. GraceJ

    This is an excellent article. How could we who’ve been born from above not exalt Christ Jesus and glorify God for all they’ve done, are doing, and will do?!
    That Jesus would unselfishly leave the glory he had with the Father to come in the likeness of sinful flesh for our benefit is the greatest act of sacrificial love I can imagine….and to know that there is to be a resurrection out of this ‘body of death’ gives us such joy and hope as we plod along trying to not be of this world.

  7. Ronald Yahusef

    4 you to aknowledge the birth ryt of Joseph is proof enough dat ur a man of Jahovah. im a Josephite myself. bless you chip. keep it ol the way up.

  8. Steve Hazen

    Thank you brother…very encouraging!

  9. Theresa

    Thank you brother Chip for this sharing. It is very depressing to see the news, and evil is rampant all around us as if Satan is becoming loose, it is getting worse day by day and even very dangerous to live in certain areas of this world. It is comforting though to KNOW that good will come out of EVERY evil in our lives, and that God is ALWAYS glorified. My prayer is that we would wake up, fast and earnestly pray for Great Revivals in all the earth, that the Lord will raise up His intercessors and that He will reign in the hearts of those who are persecuting Him, in the countries who reject Him as Lord and that people would lay down theirs lives and be available for His use.

  10. Sandrine

    Thank you, yes it encourages me a little… 🙂 “Despised and rejected”, it’s funny, I had these lyrics of a song in my head when I woke up that night… “Despised, alone, abandoned…”

    But, well… when will be the turning point which God will make in my life… ?
    When will He bring good out of evil concerning my life? It seems so long…

  11. Ken Dawson

    It is a strange life we live in the time that we are here on this earth but thank God He gives us this undeserved participation in His life and then to boot eternal bliss afterwards.

  12. Bryce

    It’s reassuring to know that God created evil and darkness is an demonstration of His mercy not His rejection. Blessings

  13. Der

    Hi Brother Chip What a wonderful revelation. Such wisdom comes only from above. Am so blessed and encouraged.
    May God increase his grace up on you. Amen

  14. Mario Alleckna

    Why is there evil?
    One of the quality characteristics of our relationship with God is that we are given a free will to choose to love and obey Him. We are not robots without a choice. God wants us to love Him back not because we don’t have a choice, but rather because we freely choose to love Him back. How can we understand light if there is no darkness? How can we choose light if there is no other choice? True love can only exist in freedom.

  15. alison

    God gave humankind a free choice. He would have known in advance that evil would result from people’s free choice. The question of why is there evil in the world in the first place, is one that is constantly discussed through the generations. However despite the darkness, God is still supreme. We know that in Him we can find protection and help from evil, yet believers are still murdered for their faith even now in this world. We know from our news reports that evil appears to be on the rise, and not one nation is immune from such increase. There often seems to be no intervention from people against evil in whatever form it may take. At the same time miracles do and did happen for people in the many wars – people were spared, so God’s hand was evident there. We have all read the testimonies. Perhaps good and evil are traveling side by side. I err on the side that God is for us and will warn, help, assist and protect us from evil. We pray in the Lord’s Prayer “Deliver us from evil” – whether it be from our own misguided hand or an external force. My experience is that God is our helper, rescuer and keeps the darkness from us, as we stay close to him and pray to him. Psalm 121:1-2 I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.…”. We are programmed for physical death, but not spiritual death, and even in that He will help ua across.

  16. Shirley (Cary, NC)

    Hi Chip. Thank you so much for written such a powerful and encouraging article. May the Father continues to bless you more and more to write such anointed and encouraging articles for his people in such distressing and fearing times that Christians are facing like never before.

  17. Karen

    Thank you again brother for your word! This is a question we get asked more than ever. Why does a good God allow evil. I believe this article is valuable to help us answer these questions! Bless you brother!

  18. Nancy L Baker

    At one point – I was overcome by evil — thinking my life was over — but without even knowing what I was doing — knowing nothing about being saved – or being born again — I cried out to God — and little by little – these “things” began to happen to me — I did not understand them — but I had turned to God – and had in desperation – had begun to read the Bible — not knowing where to begin – I began in Psalms — somehow – I knew that God was the only one who could help me — Now — as I look back — when I had no one — no one to turn to — no one to help me — I called out to God – to take over my life – because I did not want to live it anymore — I did not know what was happening – but as I learned much later — God got me SAVED – He got be BORN AGAIN – and He began changing my thinking — (renewing my mind) — I did not understand these “things” that seemed to be happening — and I asked – Is that You God? OK God — IF that is You – I want to know why You would do anything for me?
    I have learned the WHY — simply because He loved me – when no one else did — I began seek Him – wanting to know about Him — then wanting to KNOW HIM — I began doing word studies — and writing out everything by hand — underlining His Words — so I could remember them — I did a study on the word Overcoming — Wow ! I determined I would be an overcomer — with God’s help – all things are possible — I overcame evil with good — the good that God brought into my life — He gave me a new life — He gave me a reason to live – for Him — He gave me a new Joy – to see Him everywhere I look and see His life in the world — He has given me revelation of Him — for the now – and for the future — He has given me His love – until my cup runneth over — I see His love – His life – His glory – His good — in all that He has given me — and my reason for living – is that others would see HIM too — Jesus does overcome all evil – if we just come to Him – He will give you rest —


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