Spirit, Soul, & Body

by Chip Brogden

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The Bible says you are a spirit; you have a soul; you live in a body.

The world says you are a body and a mind. Doctors treat your physical problems, while psychologists treat your mental and emotional problems. These are the only two parts they can figure out – the visible body and the invisible mind. But the Bible says that you have three parts, not just two! You have a body – but you are more than your body. You have a mind, you think thoughts and have feelings, but you are more than just a mind. The “real you” is spiritual. It is your spirit that lives forever, long after your body and mind stops working.

In this two-part teaching you’ll learn how to tell the difference between your Spirit, Soul and Body – what they are, how they function, how they are different, how to recognize those differences, and how to get your Spirit, Soul, and Body working together in the unity that God intended. This teaching is clear, concise, Biblical, and strongly recommended for Christians who are ready to experience the joy of walking in the spirit and not in the flesh.

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About the Author

CHIP BROGDEN is a best-selling author, teacher, and former pastor. His writings and teachings reach more than 135 nations with a simple, consistent, Christ-centered message focusing on relationship, not religion. Learn more »


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