The Ministry of the Prophet

by Chip Brogden

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Almost every day someone comes forward to give us a new word from God, a new vision, a new dream, or a new prophecy.

We see and hear people who are proclaimed as “anointed” and “prophetic”. But what do these words mean? To be sure, some of these people and the messages they give are genuine, but many of them are not.

For some people, just mention the word “prophetic” and they automatically put up their guard. The word itself has been so abused and misapplied that they don’t even want to hear it anymore. That’s a shame, but it’s certainly understandable. In a world where many people are proclaiming “Thus saith the Lord…” and “God told me to tell you…” it is absolutely critical that we be able to tell the difference between what is genuinely “prophetic” and what is only “pathetic.” In this teaching we use a combination of Scripture and personal experience to settle the issue of prophetic ministry: what it is and what it is not. We’ll look at how it is supposed to function and why it is needed in the Church that Jesus is building.

In addition, you’ll get answers to frequently asked questions, such as: Are prophets for today? Are there different kinds of prophetic ministry? What makes someone prophetic? How do I know if I’m called to be a prophet? How can you tell the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet? What about visions and dreams? How do you judge a prophetic word? How do you handle false prophets? …and much more!

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About the Author

CHIP BROGDEN is a best-selling author, teacher, and former pastor. His writings and teachings reach more than 135 nations with a simple, consistent, Christ-centered message focusing on relationship, not religion. Learn more »


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