The Remnant Principle (Part 5)

by Chip Brogden
It would be helpful for us to review the principles we have learned thus far.

First, the Lord has a Purpose, and that is for Christ to have the preeminence in all things. In the language of Daniel, a Rock made without hands will consume and break all other kingdoms into pieces, filling the earth, and standing forever. Then a Kingdom will be established that will never end (cf. Daniel 2). Upon this ROCK, Who is Christ, JESUS is building His Church. That brings us right into the present. This Purpose is as valid today as it was in 600 B.C. Please do not relegate this teaching to history, because if you do, then you miss the point and you miss the blessing. The Book of Daniel will teach us how to live according to God’s Purpose NOW.

Second, whenever the Whole either cannot or will not fulfill God’s Purpose, the Lord will take a Remnant out of the Whole in order to secure His Will on behalf of the Whole. Of all the nations in the world, He chose Israel to be the Remnant. Out of Israel, He chose a handful of faithful ones to carry on the Testimony. Of all the people carried to Babylon, Daniel and his three friends were the only ones who did not defile themselves. The Church is a Remnant compared to the world, and the Overcomers are a Remnant compared to the Church. “He gave some… till we ALL” (Ephesians 4:11-13ff). The Lord uses SOME until He gains ALL. That is the Remnant Principle.

Third, whenever we touch something of God’s Purpose, whenever we catch a vision of something of Heaven, whenever we see something pertaining to God’s Kingdom and Will, we touch conflict. As soon as we grasp something of the significance of God’s Ultimate Will and begin moving towards a Heavenly Testimony in the earth, then we become the subject of intense resistance from elements in this universe that are opposed to that Testimony. That resistance the Bible calls “Antichrist.” It will always attempt to pollute or compromise the Testimony. If that does not work then it will attempt to destroy it. Remember that the Testimony is not simply stating, “Jesus is Lord.” The Testimony is DEMONSTRATING the Lordship of Jesus with the way we live – by overcoming sin, Self, and satan. If we are not living in such a way as to demonstrate the preeminence of Christ over these three enemies then words are of little use. My Testimony is not something I GIVE, but something I LIVE.

Fourth (and we MUST get this), whenever anyone is aligned with God’s Purpose and begins to pray for God’s Kingdom and for God’s Will, all of Heaven will be moved to support, strengthen, encourage, protect, supply, and fight on behalf of that yielded vessel. “The heavens do rule” (Daniel 4:26b). The Lord will immediately and decisively move to secure that Remnant. Daniel is a book of victory. It is a book of overcoming. Why? Because overcoming is the normal Christian life of every saint who puts God’s Kingdom and God’s Will above his own kingdom and will. So take all four of these principles, put them together, and what you end up with is war in the heavenlies, unceasing conflict, and an almost unbearable tension in the spiritual realm.

This tension exists until God’s Kingdom and God’s Will are fully established. What IS always resists what WILL BE. Thus, the Lord Jesus does not tell us to merely wait passively for His return, but bids us to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done: on Earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Obviously, God’s Kingdom is not yet fully established and God’s Will is not yet perfectly fulfilled because life as we know it on Earth is not yet “as it is in Heaven.” Far from it! Christ is preeminent, but He does not have the manifest preeminence; that is to say, Jesus is Lord, but “we do not yet SEE all things submitted to Him” (Hebrews 2:8b). So Heaven and Earth are at odds until Earth gets into alignment with Heaven.

Three Characteristics of the Overcoming Remnant

When we DO see all things submitted to Christ then God’s Kingdom will have been established and God’s Will, His Eternal Purpose, will have been accomplished. Then we can cease praying for the Kingdom to come and the Will to be done, for we do not need to keep praying for something to happen once it has already occurred. But until it happens we are called to stand in the gap and pray for its fulfillment. The deeper into spiritual conflict we go the more we begin to see that prayer, true prayer, is work; indeed, it eventually becomes our only work, our supreme work, for nothing happens until someone prays.

If God will do whatever He wishes, regardless of whether we pray or not, then we do not need to pray at all, and the Lord’s instructions on praying for the Kingdom and the Will are superfluous. But the truth is that God waits for a Remnant to rise up and to pray in agreement with His Purpose before He does anything – He will do nothing apart from the Church. Apart from HIM, we CAN do nothing; apart from US, He WILL do nothing. Here is my point: the Lord searches the whole Earth, and when He has found a person who sees that Purpose, and daily orders their life according to that Purpose, and (here is the key!) consistently rises up to pray for the fulfillment of that Purpose, then God will move Heaven and Earth on behalf of that person; for He has found, at last, some ground to build upon. That person is numbered with the Remnant because, I promise you, men and women like that are few and far between.

Daniel is such a person. Let us take the three characteristics I have just described and see how Daniel measures up. First, Daniel has seen the Lord’s Purpose. We will not take time to go through each prophetic chapter and study it in detail. But when you read through the visions and dreams recorded in the Book of Daniel you see one thing coming into view, and that is, the Eternal Purpose of God. Everything Daniel sees or hears is interpreted through that Purpose. There is a thread that is woven through all of them, connecting them together. If we take the sum of them together, what do we see? We see the rise and the fall of earthly kingdoms, the coming of the Messiah, and the establishing of a heavenly kingdom that will never end. Now, this is stated in a number of different ways, but that is the message coming through every dream and vision recorded in this book. Christ will increase, and everything else will decrease (cf. John 3:30).

Second, Daniel orders his life according to this Purpose. He is in the world, fulfilling his duty to such a degree of perfection that no fault can be found in him. He is not a starry-eyed mystic who neglects his earthly responsibilities. He is IN the world, right in the midst of Babylon; but he is clearly not OF the world. He has seen that Heaven rules, and the Most High is its Governor. He has seen the direction of the world, and he knows it is only downward. So he will be in the world, but he will not be of it. He will not eat the king’s meat or drink the king’s wine. He will not bow down to the idol. When no one else can give the interpretation then he will give it, and he will not compromise the message. Kings can trust him with their business, and the Lord can trust him with His business.

I would like to take a moment to address this issue of “ordering your life” according to the Purpose. As Christians we have been preached to for so long that we often make the mistake of thinking that just because we know something to be true that we are then automatically ordering our lives according to that truth. But knowing something does not mean you are living by what you know. We must be on guard against smoothly assimilating messages and “words” with our brains. Receiving the Word into your brain will do nothing for you; the Word must be received into your heart. I do not want to hear congratulations and applause for an “enjoyable” message or a “thought provoking” article. I want to see us order our lives according to what we claim to agree with. As it is now, we are educated well beyond our level of obedience. We do not live a tenth of what we say we believe. Before we have put one message into practice we are anxiously anticipating the next. May God deliver us from partial obedience, which is only disguised disobedience.

Seeing something and living it are two different things. There is a difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path. Daniel is doing both, but he does not stop there. There is a third characteristic we need to see in him, and that is, Daniel rises up to pray for the fulfillment of God’s Purpose. True prayer affords us the greatest opportunity for self-denial. When was the last time we offered up prayer, not for our agenda or plan, but for God’s Kingdom to come and for God’s Will to be done? When was the last time we came before the Lord, not to get our needs met, but to meet His Need? When was the last time we subjugated our own desires and wishes and gave ourselves wholly to praying for God’s Purpose to be accomplished? When was the last time we separated ourselves from family, friends, and business and sought the Lord; not to receive a blessing FROM Him, but to be a blessing TO Him?

We learn that Daniel was not only a man of heavy administrative responsibility and governmental authority, but he was preeminently a man of prayer: a man who withdrew from his earthly responsibilities in order to seek the face of the Lord – not once a day, not twice a day – but three times a day, offering up prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings before God. In addition to this, Daniel frequently ministered to the Lord with fasting.

Now, everyone wants power with God, but few want to deny themselves. They would rather just have someone pray for them or lay hands on them while they live any way they please. You know, there is no law that says a Christian must pray three times a day and serve God with fasting, like Daniel did. We are not led by rules and regulations, but by the Spirit. You can pray once a day, once a week, or not at all. You can eat three or four meals a day if you like. But I hope one day we will become more hungry for the Lord and more thirsty for His Purpose than we are for our earthly food and drink. I hope one day we will become so consumed with heavenly things that earthly things begin to lose their grip on us. I pray we will at least have enough wisdom to understand that if we really want to know God we will have to pay a price for knowing. It will cost us something to obtain experiential truth, and it will cost us something to hold on to it after we obtain it.

Something should be driving us to pray. There should be some unction, some inner compulsion, to seek God, to seek Him early, and to seek Him often. If that is not our daily experience then something is wrong. Perhaps we have grown complacent, or comfortable, or cold. Whatever the reason, vision is the cure. If we have truly seen God’s Purpose we cannot just go along as before. It will consume us. A person with a small vision will pray small prayers. Daniel is a man of huge vision, and so he prays large prayers.

I have said many times that everyone wants apostolic revelation, but no one wants apostolic persecution. We would like to have a gift like Daniel so we can interpret dreams, hear the voice of God, and receive prophetic insight into world events. Oh yes, we want the gift, but we do not want to pay the price. Is there any wonder that what is touted as “prophetic” today is simply “pathetic”? There is no depth of root in these people, no secret history of being dealt with by God, just an insane rush to bring forth yet another “word” that will satiate a greedy population’s lust for something new and exciting (II Timothy 4:3,4; I Timothy 1:5-7). New and exciting, maybe: but something the prophet has never actually walked in, and something which the people have no intention of walking in. They are ever learning, but never walking in the truth of what they have learned (cf. II Timothy 3:7).

Daniel has seen the Purpose; Daniel has ordered his life according to that Purpose; and Daniel is in the daily habit of praying for that Purpose to be fulfilled. Something bigger than himself is fueling his prayers. He is daily paying the price, living according to the Truth he claims to agree with, demonstrating the preeminence of Christ, showing that “the heavens do rule”. So in him we see the Remnant Principle. Anyone who sees, lives, and prays according to that Purpose is marked out and set apart – marked out by the enemy, and set apart as the Lord’s own possession.

Spiritual Warfare Begins With Prayer for God’s Purpose

Let us turn now to the Scriptures and see this principle in action. In Daniel chapter 6 we see that in the first year of Darius the Mede, Daniel has been made the highest official in the former kingdom of Babylon, now a province of the Medo-Persian kingdom. The other officials are envious of Daniel and begin looking for something to accuse him of. But Daniel is faithful, and is without fault. They can find nothing to accuse him of insofar as his work is concerned.

So they realize that the only way to succeed against Daniel is to find something to accuse him of with regard to his devotion to the Lord. They devise a scheme and ask King Darius to sign a law which forbids anyone to pray or to request anything from anyone except the king, for thirty days. If the law is outrageous, the penalty is even more so: anyone who violates the order is to be thrown into a den of lions.

Obviously these officials had a special interest in trying to pass this strange decree, and it should have raised the king’s suspicions. The text implies that they assembled hastily, and with great urgency. The king should have known better (later he would regret his decision), but he agreed with their request. And so, in the first year of Darius, for a period of one month, all prayers and petitions made to gods and men were outlawed under penalty of death. Now Daniel’s enemies watched for the opportunity to catch him in his prayers, turn him in, and have him killed.

Since the Book of Daniel is not written in a strict chronological order, we may not realize the significance of the timing of this edict at first glance. But something else happened in the first year of Darius, and when we find out what happened, the reason for the attack of the enemy becomes plain.

We read in Daniel 9:

“In the first year of [Darius]… I, Daniel, was studying the scriptures, counting over the number of years – as revealed by Yahweh to the prophet Jeremiah – that were to pass before the desolation of Jerusalem would come to an end, namely seventy years. I turned my face to the Lord God begging for time to pray and to plead, with fasting, sackcloth and ashes. I pleaded with Yahweh my God and made this confession…” (Daniel 9:1-4ff, New Jerusalem Bible).

The “first year of Darius” marks the end of Babylon and the beginning of a concentrated effort on the behalf of Daniel to fast and pray for the return of the Jews back to Jerusalem, for the rebuilding of the Temple, and for the coming of the Messiah, the Christ. Daniel was so urgent in this that he withdrew three times a day to pray. Whenever you decide to turn your face away from the earthly and towards the heavenly, towards the face of the Lord, you touch spiritual conflict. It is a battle to get into prayer, and a battle to stay in prayer.

So it is not coincidental that an edict outlawing prayer is suddenly proclaimed in the first year of Darius. As soon as Daniel rises up to pray for the fulfillment of God’s Purpose, the enemy responds by threatening his life. The spirit of Antichrist is once again directly challenging the Remnant, threatening to destroy it, in an attempt to frustrate God’s Purpose. Daniel has a decision to make…

“Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house, opened his windows towards Jerusalem, and kneeled down three times a day to pray and give thanks to God, just as he always did” (Daniel 6:10).

We might wonder why Daniel was so urgent about praying, fasting, pleading with God, and confessing the sins of his people. If God said seventy years had been appointed, and the time was complete, what more was there to pray about?

The answer is found in the prayer itself:

“…and now, as it is written in the Law of Moses, this whole calamity has befallen us; even so, we have not appeased Yahweh our God by renouncing our crimes and learning Your truth… Yahweh our God is just in all His dealings with us, and we have not listened to His voice…” (Daniel 9:13,14ff, New Jerusalem Bible).

At stake is the coming of the Messiah. Daniel correctly perceives that the seventy years had failed to bring correction to the Jews, and even though the allotted time was fulfilled, it might be delayed indefinitely as a result of the failure of the Whole. So Daniel, as a Remnant, rises up to pray for the fulfillment of God’s Purpose, standing in the gap, and making intercession for the nation.

Daniel prayed toward Jerusalem. This is a symbolic act that is pregnant with meaning and there is an application for us today as well. We will come to that. But first, what was Daniel’s reason for praying towards Jerusalem? No doubt he had in mind the prayer of Solomon:

“When they sin against You – for there is no one who does not sin – and You are angry with them and abandon them to the enemy, and their captors carry them off to a hostile country, be it far away or near, if they come to their senses in the country of their captors, saying, ‘We have sinned, we have acted perversely and wickedly,’ and turn back to You with all their heart and soul in the country of the enemies who have taken them captive, and pray to You, turning towards the country which You gave to their ancestors, towards the city which You have chosen and towards the Temple which I have built for Your name, listen to their prayer and their entreaty from the place where You reside in heaven…” (I Kings 8:46-49, Ibid.).

This is precisely what Daniel was doing on behalf of the entire nation. Chapter 6 of Daniel is concurrent with Chapter 9 of Daniel. Chapter 6 tells us that Daniel prayed three times a day towards Jerusalem while Chapter 9 tells us what was being said. While the enemy is plotting his death and trying to stop his prayers, Daniel says he is “confessing my own sins and the sins of my people Israel, and placing my plea before Yahweh my God for the holy mountain of my God…” (Daniel 9:20). The question before us now is: who will prevail? Which will come first: the answer, or the lion’s den?

We have no way of knowing the exact sequence of events recorded in Daniel 6 and Daniel 9. We have some clues within the text. The enemies of Daniel quickly discovered that he had defied the edict and had continued with his prayers and supplications, so they immediately went to the king and demanded that he enforce the death penalty. We know that the king was upset with himself and tried “until the going down of the sun” to deliver Daniel before having him arrested and thrown into the lion’s den (cf. Daniel 6:14). We also know that the angel Gabriel arrived to personally deliver the answer to Daniel’s prayer “at the time of the evening sacrifice,” which was sunset (cf. Daniel 9:21; Exodus 29:39).

It is quite possible that the events of Daniel 6 and Daniel 9 all occurred within the space of a few hours. I have found through personal experience that the lion’s den usually comes about the same time as the revelation. The burden to pray comes with the edict forbidding prayer; Daniel labors for God’s purpose while Daniel’s enemies labor for his death; the answer comes along with a death sentence. This is not unusual, but quite common.

What is my point? Apostolic revelation and apostolic persecution go hand-in-hand. We cannot have one without the other. Revelation does not come to us apart from our circumstance, our environment, our struggle, our wrestling. Many want the revelation but they do not want the lion’s den. They want the angels but not the enemies. Yet the depth of the revelation is measured by the depth of the suffering, and if our sufferings are light then our revelation is shallow.

The thing revealed to Daniel is nothing short of miraculous – not only that Christ is indeed coming, but the exact timing of his appearance:

“Seventy weeks are determined… know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and threescore and two weeks…” (Daniel 9:24,25ff).

It is commonly understood that the “weeks” mentioned here are weeks of years. There is some dispute over the exact time, but most scholars calculate the sixty-nine weeks (483 years) to either the birth of Christ or the beginning of His public ministry. The point being that Daniel received a specific answer to his intercessory prayer and prophetic confirmation of the fulfillment of the very Purpose he has been praying into existence. Now he could face the lion’s den with calm assurance that God would perform His promise.

The Remnant Stands for Heaven’s Agenda

It is important for us to realize that Daniel is not praying from any sense of sentimentality for his own people. His concern, and the motivation for his prayers, is not for the sake of his nation, but for Christ’s sake, for the Kingdom’s sake. We are not suggesting that Daniel did not pray for and love the Jews, but we are suggesting that his primary motivation was to see God’s Purpose fulfilled, of which the Jews were (and are) a part of that Purpose. Daniel was not a Jew who prayed for fellow Jews, but was a citizen of Heaven who prayed for God’s Purpose to be fulfilled on “Earth as it is in Heaven.”

We must pray as heavenly citizens of a heavenly kingdom, not as earthly citizens of an earthly nation. Most of the time Heaven’s interests are at odds with what the nations want. If that is the case, we must side with Heaven, not our own country. If we pray according to what the evening news says, or according to our inclination as citizens of South Africa, or Israel, or Australia, or Germany, or the United States, then we have failed our heavenly mandate, and God’s Kingdom suffers loss. We may be praying for blessing and protection when the Lord is calling for decreasing and judgment (or vice-versa). If we cannot separate ourselves from patriotism and nationalism then we cannot have power with God in prayer for His Kingdom. Daniel was zealous for God’s glory, not Israel’s glory.

Here is what I want us to see. If we come to the Lord on the basis of being a Jew, or a Gentile; a Protestant, or a Catholic; a Fundamentalist or a Charismatic; an American, a Nigerian, an Israeli, an Arab, a Filipino, a Chinese, or an Argentinian; a rich person or a poor person; a professional clergy or a layperson; a male or a female; a red, yellow, black, or white person; then we are approaching the Lord solely on a human basis. We have to leave all our earthly ground and come onto the ground of Christ, and that is a heavenly thing. It goes beyond where we are.

Our history, our heritage, our lineage, the earthly things that we identify with, the things that make us who we think we are – all of it ends at the Cross of Christ. He is the Alpha: all things have their beginning in Him. He is the Omega: all things have their ending in Him. So my identity is not found in the fact that I am white, male, Charismatic, or American. “White power” and “black pride” and “rugged American individualism” is flesh: that is earthly, it is of the earth. It is death. We ought to avoid it like cancer. What is a Messianic Jew? What is a Charismatic Christian? What is a Fundamentalist? What is a Calvinist? What is a Baptist? What is a Methodist? What is a Catholic? What is a Religious Conservative? I tell you, there is nothing like that in Christ – these are all human contrivances. There are only two kinds of people in the universe. Either you are in Him, or you are not in Him. Everything else is just clutter.

I am not saying you should shirk your responsibilities. Remember, Daniel was faithful in all his duties, and no fault was found in him. Yet he was able to separate what he DID from who he WAS. His identity was not based on his position or his calling, but on his standing in Heaven. That is all that matters. I am asking you: are you willing to stop being an American? Are you willing to stop being a black woman? Are you willing to stop being a Charismatic? Are you willing to stop being a Methodist? What I mean is, are you willing to be reduced to Christ and “just” be an anonymous follower of Jesus, a nondescript branch among many other branches who are abiding in the Vine, and leave your own identity behind?

If you are unwilling to leave your ground and come onto the ground of Christ, where everyone is equal, then you will never see anything from Heaven’s perspective. Everything will be filtered through that earthly identity. But if you lose your life then you will find your true Life, and that Life is from Above, not Below. That is the secret to power with God. Earthly challenges (like a lion’s den, for instance) cannot be overcome with Earthly thinking, Earthly attitudes, Earthly prejudices. It takes someone from Above to subdue something from Below. It takes something Heavenly to confront something Earthly, and prevail over it.

“So Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no manner of hurt was found upon him, because he believed in his God” (Daniel 6:23b).

Daniel prevailed over Earth because he was of Heaven. Daniel prevailed over Darkness because he was of the Light. Daniel prevailed over Death because he had Life. Daniel was delivered from the lion’s den, and lived to continue his ministry of prayer. After such an ordeal we might expect him to go ahead and retire, to quietly settle down, and relax a little bit. Certainly he has earned a vacation. But shortly thereafter we find him battling in the spirit for twenty-one days while he waited for yet another answer to be delivered from Heaven. Can there be any doubt as to the outcome? Daniel does not stop. This is what it means to overcome. You can never coast, you can never let down your guard, you can never just let things slide for a day or two. Overcoming is not a once in awhile thing, it is an all-the-time thing. Settle that within yourself right now.

It bears repeating: the Lord searches the whole Earth, and when He has found a person who sees His Purpose, and daily orders their life according to that Purpose, and consistently rises up to pray for the fulfillment of that Purpose, then God will move Heaven and Earth on behalf of that person. If you are reading this I pray the Lord is speaking to you, calling you by name, saying “You are the one I want!” I challenge you to lose your agenda and be devoted to Heaven’s Agenda from this day forward, and every day, for the rest of your life. The Remnant Principle says that if you will seek first the Kingdom of God – that is, if you will put His Need, His Will, His Purpose ahead of your own needs, wants, desires, and plans – then He will not only perform His Will and establish His Kingdom, but He will protect, defend, and fight on your behalf. That is the only way to overcome.

The Lord In Search of Overcomers to Form His Remnant

Every Christian, every believer, every disciple can be that person. All of us are called to be Overcomers. It is for the “whosoevers.” The Lord is seeking you as much as you are seeking Him. The Lord is calling out for Overcomers, those who have the Revelation of Christ and who bear the Testimony of Jesus; those who demonstrate the preeminence of Christ over all things. That is your purpose as a Christian – in fact, it has always been God’s purpose for saving you and leaving you on the earth, whether you have realized it or not. You are NOT on the earth to be constantly disappointed, discouraged, and defeated. You are on the earth to demonstrate the preeminence of Christ; to show the world that “the heavens do rule.” Daniel is living the normal Christian life. A defeated Christian is a contradiction: it is not your destiny. Rise up and live according to the truth: that Victory is a Man, and He lives inside of you, and the One Who lives within you is greater than whatever comes against you.

The Lord walks in the midst of spiritual Babylon, calling out for Overcomers, looking for those with a spirit like Daniel, who pray daily for His Purpose to be fulfilled. We, like Daniel, pray daily for the Kingdom to come and the Will to be done. But our vision is higher and wider than Daniel’s vision: “The Jerusalem which is from above is free, whose children we are” (Galatians 4:26). For Daniel, Jerusalem represented an earthly Temple and a holy mountain. Our Jerusalem is from above, and we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit (cf. I Corinthians 6:19). We do not pray towards an earthly Jerusalem, but towards a heavenly Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem, which is coming down from God as a bride prepared for her husband (cf. Revelation 21:2).

We are not zealous for the establishment of any earthly nation, but for a heavenly nation of “kings and priests” (cf. Revelation 5:10). We are not praying for the building of a physical temple, but a spiritual temple, a house of living stones, of which Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone (cf. I Peter 2:4-9). We are not looking for the appearance of an earthly Messiah, but a Heavenly Messiah, Who is building His Church upon the foundation of Himself, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail (cf. Matthew 16:18).

Though bound to the earth, we are not of the earth. This is not our home, for we are from above. Though in the world, we are not of it. We will not eat its meat or drink its wine, and we will not bow down to its idols. Though we live in the shadow of Babylon, we are not afraid of its fiery furnace or its den of lions, for our God is able to deliver us.

The heavens do rule. We affirm it boldly and confidently, regardless of appearances to the contrary. The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory belongs to God – not man, not the devil, not the nations of this world. The Most High rules in the kingdoms of men, and Christ is increasing and filling all things. Have you seen this in the Book of Daniel? If you have, then embrace it, submit to it, cooperate with it, be in harmony with it, order your life around it, demonstrate it to the world around you, and pray for its fulfillment. Get aligned with something and Someone higher and greater than yourself. For when you see His Purpose, and order your life according to that Purpose, and consistently pray for the fulfillment of that Purpose, then His Purpose cannot be stopped; His Will cannot be frustrated; His Kingdom cannot be defeated. Heaven singles you out and Hell trembles with fear. You just became undefeatable! You just joined the Remnant.

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