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A Warning to the Lukewarm

by Chip Brogden
This is a transcripted excerpt from a recorded message.  You can listen to the original recording here.
Our heart’s desire is to see God’s people delivered from anything that keeps them in bondage, anything that hinders them from spiritual maturity, and anything that distracts them from the simplicity of Christ.  I’ve said this before, and I’ll be very clear in saying it again: that in my opinion, Organized Religion is the greatest hindrance to a real relationship with Jesus that I know of.

There are many reasons why I believe this. And there are many people who agree with me.  And there are just as many people who disagree with me; and they continue to go to church and support that religious system, and they believe they are doing what God would have them to do.

Let me emphasize: our heart is for God’s people, wherever they are – both inside the religious system and outside the religious system.  In fact, part of our three-fold mission is “to provide for the spiritual growth and maturity of all believers.”  Assuming “all believers” means real, true followers of Jesus (not hypocrites and counterfeits, but genuine believers in the Biblical sense of the word), then we are here for God’s people, both inside the Institutional Church, and outside the Institutional Church.

Now, since I believe that “Church” is the greatest hindrance to spiritual growth and maturity, naturally I’m going to encourage God’s people to think seriously about where they go, and what they support, and why; and I’m going to challenge this religious system that we have created.  If I didn’t speak out against it, and challenge it, and question it (while all the while I believed it was hurting more people than it helped) then I wouldn’t be honest.  The reason we speak these things is because of our love and concern for God’s people. And it’s that love and concern that motivates us to speak out against abusive leadership, and abusive groups, and abusive pastors and prophets, and the entire religious system that keeps God’s people in a kind of spiritual ghetto – keeping them down, holding them back, or worse, lulling them into a false sense of security and fellowship that is based on something other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

So the other part of our three-fold mission is: we’re here to bring healing to those hurt by church, those wounded by the religious system; and help them get back on track towards a Christ-Centered Faith.  See, that’s what we emphasize.  Not a Self-Centered Faith, not a Church-Centered Faith, but a Christ-Centered Faith.  And we are radically committed to the idea that Jesus must have the preeminence, in every disciple, in the Ekklesia (the True Body of Christ) and ultimately, in all Creation.  This is the fulfillment of God’s Eternal Purpose, “to gather together in one all things in Christ.”  In the meantime, we have many people who have been hurt, abused, taken advantage of, manipulated, and controlled by a religious system that God never created, that Jesus never endorsed – a system that was made by carnal men, for carnal men.  And the fact that some people gather together and say “Lord, Lord” does not mean they actually represent the Lord Jesus.

Sometimes people say to me, “Well brother Chip, I like all the Christ-centered teaching you bring, and I wish you would just stick to that, and cut out all of this anti-church rhetoric.”  Well, I wish I could stick to just talking about the Lord and overlook every false, misleading, counterfeit thing that is said and done in His Name, but how is that Spirit and Truth?  That’s like saying, “I want you to talk about how wonderful marriage is, but I don’t want you to talk about the fact that I’m cheating on my husband.”

I mean the Book of Revelation starts out talking about Jesus, and then this same Jesus starts talking about each of the churches in Asia, and he points out the things they are doing well, and the things He is not pleased with.  In the case of Laodicea, He had nothing good to say about them. It was all rebuke.  He said you are lukewarm and I’m going to vomit you out of my mouth – a bunch of arrogant, poor, blind, miserable naked people.  And I take the view of Revelation that says those seven churches in Asia represent seven distinct ages of history; and if you believe we are living in the last of those ages, then we are living in the Laodicean Age, when God has nothing good to say about the state of things in the Church.

So, what?  Am I supposed to ignore that?  Pretend like it doesn’t exist?  Do you want me to join you in sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich and just talk about Jesus and never bring up what He thinks about what’s going on?  Well, that would make us all feel warm and fuzzy and cozy – but I’m not interested in making anyone feel warm and fuzzy and cozy!  I’m interested in our eyes being opened to the truth, because I believe the truth will make you free, but first it will make you mad.

I’m not a reformer, I’m a revolutionary.  I’m not interested in fixing the church system; I’m interested in bringing healing and health and wholeness and wellness to the Body of Christ, to the Ekklesia, the people of God.  The people!  I don’t care about the system.  The system can rot for all I care.  Jesus said He will build His Ekklesia, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  It seems those in charge of the system are more concerned with preserving and fixing the system that they are with helping and healing God’s people.

Well… I didn’t mean to go off in that direction… but you need to know my heart.  If we didn’t care about God’s people we would just say, “Go and do whatever makes you happy, whatever seems right in your own eyes.”  But the Spirit of Jesus doesn’t allow me to do that.  Believe me, I have tried.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I don’t want to harp on it.  But every day I hear from people who have been beat up by the system, beat up by the pastor, beat up by some of God’s so-called children, and it burns me up.  Something has to be done.  Who’s going to speak up?  Who’s going to speak out?  Who will defend the weak?  Who will pour in the oil and the wine?  Who will teach them the difference between a religion and a relationship?

You’re so concerned about fellowship and getting your needs met!  I’m concerned with meeting the Lord’s Need.  And what does the Lord Need and want right now, in this lukewarm age?  He needs people who can speak the truth in love, who know how to recognize the truth when they see it – first of all, who are not so blinded by their own prejudice and opinion and tradition that they can see and recognize the truth; and then, they can speak the truth in love.  Because the Truth is all we have.

The Truth will make you free, and our heart is to see God’s people set free.  I want all people, everyone, to experience the joy and freedom of a Christ-Centered Faith that is based on relationship, not religion.  And brothers and sisters, the path to that kind of relationship and intimacy with God takes you outside the camp.  It always has.  Get out of your father’s house Abram, and go to a new land I’ll show you, and I’m going to change your name to Abraham.  Let My people go, that they can serve Me in the desert.  Get out of Egypt, and into the Promised Land.  Get out of Babylon, and into Jerusalem, to rebuild the City and the Temple.  Come out of her, My people.  Get out of this Religion-About-Jesus, and get into this Relationship-With-Jesus.

Those pursuing Spirit and Truth have always been at odds with the religious system.  This is nothing unique or new.  When the Catholic priests told William Tyndale that they were better off to be without God’s Laws than the Pope’s Laws, Tyndale said, “I defy the Pope and all his laws! If God spares my life ere many years, I will cause the boy that drives the plow to know more of the Scriptures than you!”  And he went into hiding and began translating the Bible from the original languages into English.  Oh, the Roman Catholics wanted him dead.  The Church in England wanted him dead. Because he spoke the truth.  He not only translated the Scriptures, he helped people understand what they meant, and he exposed the Catholic Church and the Church of England in the process, and became an enemy of the state.  And he knew the best way to help the people was to get the Word of God in their own language and in their own hands, so they would could have direct access to God’s Word, and not be beholden to the church, or the pope, or the priest, or the preacher, or the king, to tell them what to think and how to behave.   They could have a real relationship with God that was not based on religion. And God did spare his life, long enough for him to finish his work; and then they caught him and burned him at the stake.  But the seeds were planted, and they couldn’t stop what he had started.

But that’s the religious system, my friend.  That’s the same spirit of religion that condemns you for not going to church, for not paying your tithes, not supporting the pastor and the denomination. It’s that same religious spirit that keeps God’s people in bondage to this very day and tries to kill the prophets and stifle any flicker of Spirit and Truth.  And it’s why God’s people are leaving by the tens of thousands and millions.  I didn’t start this.  It’s not new.  Read your Bibles.  Read your history books.  This has been going on for a few thousand years now.  It is a sovereign move of God.

And to my friends in the house church movement?  You’ve got nothing to do with this.  It didn’t start with you, either.  You don’t have a monopoly on this.  This is God’s movement, not yours.  We are privileged to witness something the Lord is doing, and it is a wonderful thing, but you guys keep messing with it and putting your hands all over it and defiling it for your own agenda.   Some of you don’t know any better.  You just don’t have enough maturity to realize you’ve just created a new religious system.  And the rest of you know exactly what you’re doing, you’re just building something for yourself, taking advantage of people’s discontent, building a name for yourselves in the process.

Well, you’ll learn soon enough.  Eventually you’ll figure it out the hard way, I suppose.  Meanwhile, I’m just coming along behind you, picking up the broken pieces, and helping people see that what’s missing in their lives is not a meeting, or a different way to “do” church.  What’s missing is, they came out of religion, but religion didn’t come out of them yet.  They’ve got some unlearning to do.  They’ve got some great big knots that need to be untangled before they can really experience Spirit and Truth.

So that’s what we’re here to do.  We’re passionate about it, we’re committed to it, and if you see it and get it, then I pray you will help us.  Pray for us.  Support us.  Send the hurting and wounded and the depressed and the outcasts to us.  We’ll take them.  What are we going to do with them?  I don’t have all the answers.  All I can tell you is, I’ve been down the road before, I know where it leads, and I’ve come out on the other side, and I’ve seen the Promised Land.  It’s time to get serious, stop goofing off, stop wasting time, and figure out where you stand on these things.

I’m telling you, the time is short.  The doors are closing.  The window of opportunity will not be open forever.  Jesus said the time is coming when you will long to see the days of the Son of Man, but you won’t see them.  The night is coming when no man can work.  Wicked men and seducers will become worse and worse.  The direction of this world is downward, and everything connected to it, including the religious system, is heading down with it.  Stop defending and protecting what God has already judged and set apart for destruction.  Don’t be destroyed with it.  Build your house on a rock so you can withstand this flood that’s coming upon the whole earth; or, just keep frittering your life away on stuff that doesn’t matter, and see where that leaves you when all hell breaks loose.

It’s for your sake that these things are spoken.  It’s not about me.  I don’t need any convincing.  I already see it.  I’m ready.  I’m waiting.  I’m praying for it to come to pass!  I’m praying for the Day of the Lord, and the fulfillment of God’s Eternal Will and Purpose in Christ.  Every day I’m praying that God will prepare, preserve, protect, and provide a Remnant of Overcomers who will have the Revelation of Christ and will bear the Testimony of Jesus in this Earth, who will demonstrate the preeminence of Christ over all things, and will ensure the continuity of a Christ-Centered Faith when life, and society, and government, and the religious system, and the Internet, and everything else you take for granted, collapses and falls.

But today – right now – our goal is to redeem the time, and make the most of every opportunity we have, to encourage, edify, support, build up, and help God’s people.  It’s a day for deliverance.  A day for healing.  A day to lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets us.  A day to get ourselves out of ourselves and press on towards the mark for the goal of the high call of God.  A day for finding where you’re supposed to be, and what you’re supposed to do, and then doing it with all your might – not to please man or get the praises of man, but to please God – and to live your life in such a way that when the door is shut, and the window is closed, you can say, “I fought a good fight, I finished the race, I kept the faith.”

This is a transcripted excerpt from a recorded message.  You can listen to the original recording here.


  1. Laurie Petrisin

    The Lord’s passion, warning, and plea comes through. May we take heed. Enough said.

    • jack

      We left the traditional church years ago. It had becom a self perpetuating organization where Christ wasn’t; a sham and a pretense where our hearts grieved. Now we’re alone as far as fellowship is concerned. We miss it terribly.

      • Tanya macias

        We’re you Guys at Jack?

    • Sharon

      Thank you, Chip, as always, for feeding the flock in Spirit and in Truth.

    • Kojoe


  2. eve

    such passion for Christ within you can only come from Christ…

    but not all the church in this age are lukewarm, yes in the rich west much of it is for we have it easy, but for example in china christianity is the fastest growing religion, and also now i hear that christianity is frightening the muslims for it is having a massive impact in their regions too

    so you see Christ is working 🙂

    ej x

    • Chip Brogden

      When you say, “Christianity is the fastest growing religion” it sounds like a purely carnal way to measure something. In China the real Body of Christ is underground. The church system in China is sponsored by the communist State.

      • sherry

        Amen! brother Chip, how correct you are. The true followers of Christ are underground, and so it has to be with us.

      • WordWitness

        Only the spirit of God can reveal God….and His heart. The Lord’s heart has been presented in this post. The systems of man will not fill, heal, restore or reconcile. You must look to Christ, and keep your gaze and heart firmly fixed upon Him. We must be hidden in Him, and we must be sustained by Him. The pictures are passing away. The reality is His life in us and our life IN Him. Outside of that, nothing will remain.

  3. eve

    and i forgot to say in the far east too christianity is producing thousands and thousands coming to Christ

    the church system may not be perfect, but Christ can use it to reach those who are genuine

    • Chip Brogden

      Yes, God can use anything – He can even use the devil for His purposes – but that doesn’t mean He is pleased with it or endorses it.

      • susanne buhtz

        Hello !

        My name is Suzi and i had to learn it the hard way that Institutional Church is a deadly poison, left me dead spiritually almost and shipwracked emotional, and spiritual.
        So, i see now that like Chip try to make us WAKE UP to the is IMLOSSIBLE to ignore what he had gone through….and I embrace the cross daily and I’m really thankful for such people like Chip, who SOUNDS THE ALARM….

        I see recently many so called Christians who try to see signs and wonders, they had made a religion out of THAT and it is VERY dangerous and subtle!
        The prize to pay is your own life and we all had experienced this Churchiantity because it had been that were most of us had come from!!

        Thank you Chip, your heart is for The Lord’s people and I’m one of them, wounded and beat up, but NOW, i had changed for the better…

        God bless!
        Let us hear what the SPIRIT is saying!!


    • sherry

      The question is how many of those led to Christ are true converts and will make it until the end. Its very hard to see true born again believers that are led of Gods Spirit, staying in the man made temple for very long, because they will begin to suffer a slow death from lack of spiritual knowledge and spiritual discernment. We can only hear from God when we leave all the noise and outside influences. There will be many that will say Lord, Lord when they meet Jesus face to face and He will tell them He never knew them because they were workers of evil.
      Man made temples called church are evil, when comparing this entity or empire with scripture it is not of Christ. Christ will not be in the midst of worldly idolatry. Those that started this empire system years ago was done so on pagan influences,
      the government and worldly ways. To hear preachers call this system, ‘their church or their ministry” is evil, because men want something that belongs to Christ and they have made an idol out of what they built for themselves. This is Satan’s work and his alone because he wanted recognition that belonged to God when he was cast from heaven to the darkness and he still wants what belongs to God today, and he’s using his own people to do his bidding. God said that the enemy would be in the midst of His people causing division and leading the blind in the ditch with the blind guides at the center, but He will do a separation Himself one day and all will see who is His and who is not. I choose to separate myself now as to not be a partaker of her plagues. When we seek Christ with our whole heart and pray for truth and for the veil to be removed, He will gladly show us all truth and all wickedness and what we then know to be the truth, we will be held accountable for our actions there after.

      • Vanessa

        Very well said Sherry.

  4. Eamon

    Dear brother Chip,

    It is written my people perish because of there lack of understanding and it is written seek me with all your heart and you shall find me. What saddens me is that we are neither seeking but looking more to traditions of men , religious systems and man made commands in the name of truth. I pray that God will wake up many souls from the veils of deception and deceit that are tainted with devils and demons and seducing spirits. I pray for an awakening that God will raise up a people of humility his Ecclesia who as Christ said unless you humble yourself as these little ones no one will inherit the kingdom of heaven. Christ must increase and all things decrease. I know this truth that God is finishing his work and all who come to drink will never thirst again. I testify the Lord is Good to those who love him and seek him in Spirit and in truth, and live for truth. Be blessed brother Chip and may God use you more to reach out to the lost. Praise king Jesus.

  5. kenneth dawson

    there is no doubt that standing up for the truth of reality by the spirit being of god is a tough go but what choice do we have-as I have said to many people-I did not ask to be born phisicly into this worl,i did not ask to be birthed into gods kingdom,and I did not ask to be made aware of this life of living by gods spirit being-but god brought it upon me and I am what I am by gods calling and so be it-I support your calling chip and you are on my prayer list.

  6. Jay Sutton

    I praise God for you brother.

  7. Jeff Lo

    Thanks for the word in season. I am interested know one thing ..How do you do church practically? One needs a body of believers to fellowship with. Waiting to hear from you.

  8. Jeff Lo

    I am interested in learning more about what you are teaching. How do I communicate with you. The Lord has been dealing with me along these lines since last year. I need help.

  9. Valerie

    “They’ve got some unlearning to do. They’ve got some great big knots that need to be untangled before they can really experience Spirit and Truth.” This is so true and I’m not sure it can happen when one is entrenched in the system. What we need to realize is that some of the most deadly and well-fortified strongholds are “ministered” from pulpits. Our words are powerful…..I’m not sure that someone could understand this position, Chip, unless they recognize the pain and prison of religion.

  10. brother Greg

    “In China the real Body of Christ is underground. ” Yes! Dear brother thank you for your passion of the Lord in you to see God’s people free and serving the Lord Jesus Christ as He desires them to. One thing that could help more people is to share what is the true body of Christ, ie how important it is for the body of Christ to meet together and all the giftings of God be manifest in these meetings etc. Also as in the underground church there are brethren who are servant leaders (slaves) to the rest of the body and it would be great to hear teachings on what is true leadership as our Lord taught His disciples and 1 Peter 5 where the Lord teaches about true shepherds and not the false that “use” the sheep for their own purpose, status and power.

    Thank you for your heart to see the releasing of the people of God, this will come more and more, but may we be willing to be a part of the building of the Ekklesia together as Jesus Christ desires it, ie to co-labor with Him so that He can be the Head of every meeting of the body.

    • Chip Brogden

      Thanks Greg… I just don’t think teaching people “how to meet” is the most important thing. I think we should help them walk with Jesus first, then they wouldn’t be so dysfunctional when they did meet.

      • meema

        This is so true! I’ve been reading your books and your blog for at least a decade now. I point the curious, those with eyes to see and ears to hear, to your work and just lately it seems something is finally opening up for this truth to be not just spoken but actually received. I’m a sower not a harvester. I don’t have a mandate to teach, like you do Chip. So I write in philosophical generalities usually, hoping someone will see through to the seed but I had to speak out on this topic and the comments, which I usually don’t get, gave me hope that there is some kind of awakening. Don’t stop.

    • sherry

      Brother Greg,
      I myself desire this fellowship more than I can express, but religion has to be purged, or the same if not similar functions will take place. Being alone with Christ for quite sometime to gain a Rock solid relationship will have to take place first. These gatherings would really be to edify the body and for the power of God to be made known as it was in the days of old, but I don’t really see that happening in these last days, except to help the ecclesia make it until the end. The devil has a way of getting in the midst of Gods people and God said it would have to be before He came back. This is what the body of Christ has to realize today, it cannot and will not be the same as it was because that church age is gone. God tells His people today to come out from among her and to not be partakers of her plagues. Yes, I agree with you, that we do need each other to help along the way, if nothing else to read the word together and to pray for one another.

  11. Rick Frueh

    Amen, Chip. And my Christ alone be exalted through your labor of love!

  12. sherry

    Praise be to our Lord, Jesus Christ! Thank you brother Chip for your heart of passion and for the body of Christ. Yes, I too am a wounded soldier. No one told me anything you have spoken of on this site before I left the man made idol called church. I was seeing abuse after abuse and even experienced it myself, mainly from leadership, from shepherds that are to look out for the sheep of Christ, but instead were fleecing, tormenting, lying, ignoring,
    running off those that said anything against wickedness. I thought to myself, am I to continue to be submissive to these leaders because they are looking out for my soul? I started to study and pray for truth and little by little the Lord was removing the veil. To this day it sickens me at what is going on in the name of the Lord, but it sickens Him more.
    I have been out of Egypt for 2 years and yes, it is very lonely as far as physical meetings, but The Lord now consumes me, not what once was. I do still miss the people, but the people will have nothing to do with me as long as I remain free from it all. It won’t be long before the Lord destroys the man made temple again, just as He did before, and I don’t want to be there when it comes crashing down. I an a living stone

  13. Dave Henderson

    Those were wonderful words to read this Sunday Morning. Spoken from the heart with passion. Thanks.
    God not only has to take us out of Babylon but we have to get Babylon out of us. I was just thinking as I read the comments that so many still miss the leeks and onions when they could be festing on Jesus Christ.
    God has had to use great calamities in my life to rid me of Babylon. Now I look back and have to thank Him for everything He’s done for me even though at the time they hurt. But through it all, He’s shown me Christ and I am learning that when I’m in situations where He’s all I have, He’s all I need. And that’s all that is expected of me, nothing more or nothing less than bringing Glory to my Lord and Savour.

  14. Laurine McGillivray

    Dear Brother Chip

    I was born into a family of legalistic “christian-jews” (if you like). In addition spent 10 years in “their” educational institutions. Left them and God, and went my own way-confused!!! Came back “to God” (through the same people), but left them finally and officially over 20 years ago, and then left organised religion altogether in 1998. During this time, my healing continues, as I walk in Spirit and Truth with our Jesus. Upon the Father’s command, I renounced this religion!… and oh! the joy of experiencing God’s great and mighty love when, upon asking God what about my parents, who had since past on, hearing Him say “they are with me” (as you very well know, God judges us according to our heart- believe me, I know my folks loved and lived for Jesus, and knew Him- Praise His Holy Name, they are with Him in Spirit because they lived according to Who they knew). Jesus continues to set me free almost daily, as I press into Him. I appreciate all that you’re doing in Jesus Mighty Name. I am a social pensioner here in South Africa, and am being persecuted for walking with Jesus. People don’t like hearing someone constantly referring to God, or Jesus. I don’t know any other way to live! By His Grace alone! Unless God has a Miracle around the corner, I am slowly becoming physically disabled. This is rather frustrating, as my mind is becoming more awake to God and His ways. Used to teach the music language privately,applied to the piano and classical guitar mainly, only have two pupils left – poor economy! Can only cope with this at the moment, but I have a knowing in me that God us doing a new thing in my life – I’m searching, waiting, longing for guidance and direction. Please pray for me, as I indeed am praying for you and Karla and The School of With Christian love, Laurine.

    • sherry

      Bless you for your faithfulness and how merciful our Lord has been to you. I’m so thankful The Lord in His goodness is showing you all things. Rest in Him as He is drawing you closer to Himself and to the promised land. I’ll pray for you Laurine, my sweet sister, that your journey in the desert of persecution will teach you great and mighty things, and your offering of suffering will bring you many crowns to put at our Lords feet. Peace be with you.
      With much Love, Sherry

    • Linda L. Bauer

      Yes I have a saying and keep it on my bedroom wall. I saw a copy in a thrift store and asked the sales lady may I have a copy and she said I could. It reads: “We never really know that Jesus Christ is all we need till Jesus Christ is all we have.” This has been years ago and I still like to look at it to this day!
      Your post today (Sunday) 10/08/2017 made me think of this vary saying how important it is to have Christ in ones life!

  15. jennifer

    whoa, thanks, I needed to hear that…again!
    the quote, I think from one of your articles, that
    keeps running through my spirit of late is “others
    can, you cannot”…and then for me, what then
    should I be doing Lord, and it’s spend time with Him,
    learn from Him, walk with Him…and in His time all
    will be used for His glory…the easy thing about the
    system is you get the feeling you are accomplishing something,
    you and others can point to “it” but with life outside the camp
    you learn to only point to Him!
    In Him,

  16. Tammie Griffin

    Whew! What a mighty Word from the Lord! Amen. Thank you for stirring my soul this morning.

  17. Jessica Raico

    I am interested in learning more about you. I am receiving a nudge I guess you could call it, a call or a pull to start what you might think of as an Intentional Community completely based on Jesus Christ and the Word of God, I decided a long time ago, after my last attempt at belonging to a Western church, that they are some of the most evil corporate structures in existence. I would just like to hear more of what you have to say. Thanks.

  18. Steve

    I have not been to “church” in about three years. I beleive with all my heart that the Holy Spirit led me away from the institutional church. I struggled mightily about this, for we knew that at the very least we should be in church, right? So, this was a war, because religion is powerful and deceitful. The Lord had to MAKE me leave. I had no peace, no joy. I was certain that I should be taking my family to church. But, slowly The Lord showed me that this was a mirage of what he has in store for those who love him. Leaving was hard, having IT leave you is even harder. God always wins out, don’t fear…

  19. Brenda Brown

    Wow, my Brother, You’ve had ‘fire shut up in your bones’! Hallelujah! You’ve been “holding back!
    The Spirit of the Lord is upon you because….
    You are not afraid to speak for Him! You are not afraid of man’s worthless opinions! You are not afraid of the Truth!
    You are not afraid of being “wasted’ on the Lord Jesus!

    You are ‘branded’, with the marks of Jesus’ sufferings, and He trusts you, my Brother. You don’t hide when others run, and you join in battles not your own for His sake and for the Brethren.

    May we His called out ones pay the cost of true discipleship so that the …’the Spirit of the Lord be upon all of us’ to become yielded, broken earthen vessels, a living demonstration of Christ in the earth!

    Yes, it is lonely in this pond, but there’s plenty room for more…sure itsn’t crowded! He is Enough! I have tried and proved this, brothers and sisters! He is Enough! When my life was steeped in dead religion it was not a life worth the living!

    Now, I have tasted Life Himself, and I will not go back to that “grave” for all the meetings or fellowship in this world! I have found Him whom my soul loves, and His taste is Sweet!

    He is my Victory unto Victory! Praise His Name! I am cuckoo for Jesus!

    May we be those that allow Him to abide in us; to find His home in us; to allow Him a place to ‘rest His Precious Head’ upon our chests!….those that want to ‘waste our time’ pouring out ourselves upon Him!…He is so deserving of our time!

    Let us be willing to let go of whatever institutional fellowship that blocks or stands between our fellowship with Him.
    Standing with You, Brother Chip!
    Brenda Brown

    How easy it is to just sit and say nothing!

  20. Faye

    I loved your teaching today Chip! So heartfelt and true. Those who get angry reading it were drawn to read it for a reason, and the Spirit will do the reconciling. For the rest of us, it reminds us why we were compelled to run from the religious system, and makes us thankful for Chip’s ministry — it unifies us in fellowship and understanding. It encourages and exhorts us to press on toward the prize, and grow in Christ. We are less alone. Bless you Chip, and all those of you who have been called out.

  21. Regina

    All I can say is Praise God and well said.

    Thank you.

  22. Faye

    Let me add that the comments written by many of you even today have more Spirit and Truth in them than most sermons I heard in the religious system! I feel like a filter was removed and I can receive revelation directly from the Holy Spirit now, in a way never experienced before in the organized church. There was always so much rejection, hurt, abuse, and political posturing to distract and bring you down. I am so thankful to be where I am!!

  23. JD

    Chip, One of the main reasons I subscribed to your site in the beginning was the fact that you spoke truth to the church system that most of us at one time belonged to. My husband and I have not attended an organized church in about 7 years. Unfortunately, we had to be beat over the head by their off messages and “programs” before we came to Jesus. We left and have not looked back.

    Thank you for your hard work and boldness in speaking truth to corruption.

  24. Mike Quintana

    Amen Chip I agree with what you have said. I have lived and seen as an eye witness what you have said about organized Religion. I saw this when I was in it and see it even more clearly now that I came out of it. Those who are led by another man through any religious system will never see it, but those who are led by the Holy Spirit of God will always see and know that religion is always contrary to Gods ways. Not sure how much we need to worry about the denominational church system because I believe God is still using it in some way, shape, or form that I cannot honestly figure out. There were other people trying to do religious things in Jesus name back then, but Jesus instructed his followers then as I am sure he would us today to follow him and forget them and what they are doing. He said that the blind would follow the blind and fall into a ditch. I believe Jesus was also telling us to not worry about the church system and focus on following him. Our biggest challenge is to love all people whether in or out of churches.

    • Chip Brogden

      I agree Mike. My only reservation is if I “forget about” the church system, I have to also “forget about” a good portion of God’s people who are either still trapped in that system, or who are leaving that system and need help. “I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” – Harriet Tubman

  25. Fiona

    Yes, the Church system is incredibly frustrating, and leads people to Organised Religion’s own self serving needs.
    Occasionally I ask Christians to sign a petition run by Barnabas Fund calling on Western Governments to stand up for persecuted minority Christians in certain countries of the world. (The current petition relates to Christians suffering immensely in Syria) Sadly, the usual response from Christians is reluctance/fear of signing the petition – some even decline too.
    I can only put this down to the following:
    1. Organised Religion only promotes their own Church
    2. Organised Religion specifically promotes their own missionaries sent out & forgets about the Body of Christ suffering immensely in many parts of the world. O.R. does not even pray for Christians suffering. (I never heard a minister ever pray for christians who are suffering: rape, kidnapping, murder, pressure to convert back to their old religion – EVER!)
    3. Organised Religion is more concerned about the new decor for their church building, rather than encouraging their congregations to speak up for their brothers and sisters and also promotes giving to their own church, rather than the congregation giving to the christian family in dire distress in certain parts of the world.
    It used to break my heart, that when I was in a bible study, rarely did anyone ever think to pray for the Body of Christ outside their own little world. I am far from perfect, and am nowhere near as outspoken as Chip is (wish I was!),…but I am just trying to convey how ‘stuffed up’ Organised Religion is, which has totally different priorities to what Jesus wants.
    Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 6:10
    and the correct order if we listen to the Holy Spirit:
    While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” Acts 13:2
    Thank you for allowing me to have my rant.

  26. Perry

    Thank you for transcripted about a warning to lukewarm. that I can read.

  27. Mark

    Chip, Thanks for being a voice crying out in the wilderness. I also left man’s religion, 9 years ago. I have been called crazy, lazy, heretic, deceived, etc. Yet, I now know because I have seen. June 7th, 2004 at 9:15 pm I saw. Once you see you cannot go back, no matter the cost. I do pray for you and yours. You are dead on correct, this world is in a downward spiral. The remnant He has chosen must be a light in all the darkness. Churchianity is not that light. Keep fighting the good fight, you are appreciated and not alone.



  29. Jeff O'Neal

    There’s not much to say that has not been said in the comments already posted, so I add this as another voice crying in the wilderness. Let us forsake our own desires and make much of Jesus Christ. One major corruption of churchianity that is corrupting the house church and all of Christendom is feminism. Consider the comments prior to mine. 39 comments, 20 by women, 11 by men other than Chip who has 3, and 3 unknown gender.

    Men and women alike take offense at the Word of God. Jesus Who is our Head is also the Word. (John 1ff). So if the following passage offends you, consider Who it is that truly offends you and the idol of self that you worship.

    As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says.  If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church. (1 Co 14:33–35 ESV).

    • Chip Brogden

      Being offended is one thing; causing offense is something else. This random remark of yours has nothing to do with the subject at hand, and even less to do with the gender of the people commenting on this thread. If this is your attempt to achieve better community then it is a big fail. Please try again later.

  30. Carina

    This message was one of the best I’ve read in getting the gist of your purpose across. Your writings and audio messages have helped me a lot.
    Something to note which I believe is praiseworthy in you. I’ve read many authors in the out-of-church system, apologetics websites, anti-Charismatics, etc. In most of these I’ve found some good info, and a couple things I don’t necessarily agree with. But a sad things is that in most cases, those who are former victims of one or the other trap in Churchianity (or who criticize another brand, but especially the ex victims) still give me a very poignant sense that a lot of what they say is said from anger, and bitterness. That not only makes the writer less objective and more unfair in some warnings, but it can also make the reading very tough, perhaps unnecessarily, and alienate some people who only see the aggressiveness and cannot get the point. So what really strikes me in your messages, not just this one, but in general, is that I don’t discern that kind of bitterness in you at all. I don’t see the battle of egoes to prove you’re right and such and such are wrong, or to destroy such and such person who really made your life miserable or caused you to stumble when you were in the system.
    There are many out there naming pastors and preachers who are abusive or heretical. I don’t think we need more of that. Just Google and you’ll find basically any famous preacher with fans and haters. But balance and a right emphasis on Jesus, and our need to decrease, that’s badly needed!

    • Chip Brogden

      Thank you Carina. The first knee-jerk reaction from people is always, “Oh, you’ve been hurt,” as if there is something wrong with being hurt. But hurt will only take you so far, and time has a way of healing the wounds. Hurt doesn’t have enough energy to keep you going as long as I have. So I thank and praise God for His mercy, grace, love, and forgiveness. He has used everything for good.

  31. Tanya macias

    So timely Chip I appreciate your boldness Bro and I 100% agree with all that is said this ministry has helped me and my family come out of the religious system and has helped through Yeshua get the system out of us it is a work in progress but we realize the more you yield to the process the more peace you have that you are truly being set free!

  32. Lucina

    You are so on the mark! What is needed from us is not about organized religion, it never has been. It’s always been about a personal relationship with Jesus. My prayers are with you and what you’re doing to open the eyes of God’s people and I also pray that God will use me in some way to do the same. I was one who was hurt by the church over a very tragic incident. It was how it was handled or should I say mishandled that led to the opening of my eyes and my leaving the church to never return again. I lost all fellowship because, the friends I thought I had, I never had at all. I just never knew it until I was gone. Their friendship with me was obviously based on my connection with the “church” It was initially a lonely road for me, because I had never based my friendships on whether or not a person even went to church. Others did, so when I was gone, so were the friendships. I don’t look back though and I still love those who have turned their back on me. They probably think I’ve taken up with some false religion, but they couldn’t be any farther from the truth. I pray that their eyes will be open one day and they will come out of organized religion and begin a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Chip, I really appreciate what you are doing. Please don’t ever become discouraged, especially when others will mock you or turn their backs on you. Keep trusting Jesus to direct your path and He will. May He richly bless you as you continue to walk with Him and feed His People.

    • sherry

      Every word you said about your experience with organized religion, is exactly my same experience and then some. I witnessed so many people including me and my family at the receiving end of lies and abuse and theft, but all was done in secret by the one that was to protect what belongs to God. Even when this man was confronted about some things he had done, he was able to lie his way out of any wrong doing and the elders believed him over the ones that were hurt or run off. Everything taught was based on idolatry, success, prosperity of mammon, and making a business out of the body of Christ, and no one was going to get in this mans way of evil wrong doing, or you were made to leave. I too lost all but one or two people that still speak to me but they won’t listen to my reasons for leaving, because I’m accused of being judge mental and trying to cause division. It is very very lonely being on the outside. I’ve been invited by others to attend their meetings, but I know the business of the man made system is the same, even if the leaders mean well. The man made system is apostate, and those on the inside don’t see it, at all, because this is the way every other church building is functioning. I just pray that the Lord will come quickly to get us before it gets so bad its hard to bare. My prayers are for those still there and their eyes will be opened before it too late. In the mean time all I can do is to stay focused on Christ at all cost, and to not go the way of the world or man. May the Lord and His peace be with you.

  33. Randi :)

    WOW!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your heart. I’m all re-fired up this morning. <3 I'm there!!! I'm here…. God is at work in me and I know His purposes will be complete in me. I am getting bolder & bolder and I am making the right choices thanks to His grace to turn my eyes off everything and what people think and the "shoulds"… and just keeping my eyes fixed on His loving eyes full of lavish love & freedom, not condemnation.

    THANK YOU!!! I am so encouraged when brothers/sisters speak out with spiritual fervor!!!

  34. Carla or Its me

    I am so happy with this post. It is so true. I am a member of a church, since 2000 and find nothing. I have canceled my membership, but now there is a new minister and requested to remain me. The Bible says, come out of her and I want to obey. I do regular Bible study with a friend and it is a journey of discovery. At home I study the Bible every day and listen to many studies. On the Internet there is a lot of false religion. I’m so glad you are so very different and I enjoy your emails. Yes, we are in the last days.
    Go on. God bless julie work.

    This is Google transleted.

  35. Mercedes

    This scattering of God’s people outside of the church system is beginning to gather momentum at last. The voices are finally getting louder and are no longer few and far between, but instead they have become a murmur that can no longer be ignored or hidden by the institutional church.

    I see what is happening in the natural realm as an echo of what is also taking place in the spiritual realm, and I agree that the window of opportunity to choose whom we shall serve is beginning to close. The fires are intensifying and only what is genuine and not idolatrous will remain, only the sheep who know the voice of the Shepherd will enjoy and witness His presence.

    Thank you for making your voice count.

    God bless you.


  36. alan

    There is no defense of, or life in, anything that man lays hold of apart from Christ. Having said that, I don’t find it helpful or honest to cite Jesus’ words in Revelation as a justification for your words against Organized Religion. Jesus was speaking to His body, His own, not to organized religion. Maybe that’s why in His words to the churches there is always an element of hope. Even to Laodicia, “Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent. . . if anyone hears and opens the door,I will come in to him and dine with him and he with me.” Jesus is speaking to those in His body, not to a system of religion. All to say, you can be a brother or sister outside organized religion who is lukewarm who also earns Jesus’ words of warning.

    • Chip Brogden

      Of course. Jesus is speaking to His lukewarm people, where ever they may be. It’s just that I find more lukewarm people trapped inside the system than outside it, and I think we all know why.

      • alan

        I appreciate your passion. As one who is united in heart and spirit with brothers and sisters who are faithful altho persecuted, I have come to have a passionate hatred of the prosperity gospel that is so popular. I find nothing of Christ in a living way present in it,and would only encourage others to flee what is false. Have found that freedom from the prosperity gospel which appeals so strongly to self-interest is only found when Christ is seen and known in a living way thru grace from God truly enlivening one’s spirit. Have found that being passionate against the prosperity gospel does little in terms of freeing others compared to presenting Christ… His truth makes the falseness of other things clear. All to say, that if your passion is for the body of Christ, let your gift of knowing Christ show Christ in such a way that what you hate about organized religion is seen for what it is. Otherwise, your passion against it may blind you, and lead you to use the words of the Lord other than He intended.

        • Chip Brogden

          I’m not afraid of being passionate. We could use a little more passion. In any event, teaching and warning have a place (cf. Col. 1:28), and both can be effective. Consider, Alan, that time is running out to wait until people “see it in” us. I’m sounding an alarm; don’t dilute it with being overly cautious for my sake (or for yours). Truth needs to be lived at all times, yes; but in this age it must be articulated clearly and passionately to bring the blind, deaf, and dull to a place of decision. God can temper the message and the messenger as He sees fit, but He will not tone the message down for the sake of the timid.

          • alan

            I spoke for passion, not against it. . . the call to be bold was Paul’s at the beginning, needed now more than ever. And the hope and answer to all error and untruth is that Christ is seen, not us, and Him only seen in us as we are in union with Him.

            My original post was merely the reminder that you should use the Lord’s words as He intended, not for your own purposes, which I don’t consider being either overly cautious or timid. It will not produce the fruit you desire. If you took it as rebuke, it was written to a brother.

          • Chip Brogden

            I don’t take it as a rebuke. You haven’t shown that the words were misused, or that there was anything dishonest in how it was used. I’ve explained my reasoning, you can agree or disagree. Thanks Alan.

    • Randi :)

      always an element of hope!!

  37. Edith

    Amen and Thank you! I thank the Holy Spirit for this email today.

  38. jean

    Thanks for this article needed a wake up call. How can I print this in full

  39. ilene wood

    amen! i am one who is an outcast, so to speak. from the beginning i couldn’t understand what was going on. i was learning, yet, i didn’t fit in, that is, to religion. i would go home crying, knowing that there was more! i prayed in the Spirit, asking the Lord’s help! HE taught me from His Word and from so many Christian books and online ministers [as yourself and others] to help me see what i was seeing! and i am so grateful! i thought i was alone in what i saw, but see that i am not. i’ve met many online over the yrs who were seeing as i was. i am content to be outside of the system, even tho others do not understand it, even the babes in Christ. ? they’be been sucked in to the system, even defending it. i see a religious spirit already having a hold on them. so sad. it is time for a change, and it will happen without the system and without the pastors thinking they will be the ones to bring in this new move of God, for it is not about them at all, but about Jesus. there will be new voices to arise that have not spoken before, but have been in the wilderness crying for yrs! they will be the voice to speak/proclaim His name and His Word. amen.

  40. Mary


  41. Lance

    Thanks Chip Love all the comments. Being hurt by churchianity is what opens our eyes. Yes, bitterness follows, but God heals. From all the comments I have heard from people who were hurt and have left I sense they have struggled through and overcome the bitterness by God’s Grace and for HIS Glory. It takes time to heal. I was removed from a church I served at for 12 years. It hurt deeply. I was so fortunate that God brought me to a group of men who had been in the wilderness for some time who were able to minister to me. And then I found this site and introduced it to many in the group and to my wife. 30 minutes ago a pastor friend was visiting my shop and we discussed one of Chip’s articles I had sent to him. To echo Chip “He does use everything for good”, even using those who are supposed to love you, your “church family”, to hurt you.

  42. Tracy S

    The only way I could come out of the religious system was by revelation from the Holy Spirit of God. No man could make me ‘see’. It took years of the Lord working in me. Slowly but surely He made me increasingly dissatisfied with what I finally realized wasn’t what God ever intended for His people. Initially I thought I could help. I thought I could enlighten people by telling them. He finally showed me that was not His intent and I had to simply walk away. My walking away spoke much louder than anything I ever could have said. I think the best thing we can do for those who are still walking in the religious system is to pray for their ears and eyes to be opened to the truth, and simply share with them what Jesus has done for us. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed! We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. In the end everything must be reduced to one thing and one thing only…Christ and Christ crucified. Our obvious obedience to the leading of the Lord, and our abundant love for His people will speak louder than any of our efforts to tell them what can only truly be gained by personal revelation from the Holy Spirit of God.

  43. Patti

    His desire is that each of His children put Him above all things in their lives. The process He works in us to be able and willing to do that, is the only route to getting us to fulfill this desire. For those who want “His will” and not theirs to be done, the process of sanctification (cleansing us and making us new) will go forth, by means of pain and struggle to our own flesh. Loosing our attachments, or having them taken from us, is His way of working His will in us. The religious system includes many of those attachments that our flesh holds on to. Even when we leave, however, the attachments remain inside of us, and that is when He begins to clean the inside of the cup. It is a continual process, culminating in the restoration of all things. I don’t understand all of this, but He is helping me see that my own sanctification is part of this, as my heart truly is after His heart.

  44. Janet Hagen

    We’ve been “out” of the system for almost 3 yrs. and were fortunate enough to find others who were like minded & wanted to meet in a weekly bible study. We do not consider ourselves a “home church”, but a group of called out ones enjoying the richness of God’s word and fellowship with Him and one another.
    The first year we really tried to make ourselves a home “church”. We felt like we must meet 2x’s per week and that we must have this, we must have that, etc. It didn’t work. We had expectations in order to make ourselves “feel” better that we were out of the system. Considering the Sunday meeting was held at our home, eventually we pulled the plug. It was starting to feel very stale. A funny thing happened, everybody settled down and started enjoying Sundays on their own and worshiping God in whatever way they wished. We laughed together later on about what we were trying so hard to do…that did not work. We still meet as a group on Wed. nights. We’ve had many visitors, but it seems like only a remnant of 10 people stay on. We’re fine with that and trusting that God will increase if He desires. Maybe He does not…we dont know.
    Unfortunately, my husband did not do so well outside of the man made fences. His heart soon grew cold to the things of God and he fell away, although he constantly denied it. He fell away hard and it was terribly lonely for me. It affected our marriage very negatively. I’m revealing this, because I want Chip & Carla to know how much more your ministry meant to me all last year. In spite of our marital troubles, I continued to grow in the Lord, continued to trust Him and continued to allow Him to decrease me. My husband ( 1 yr. later) came to his senses much like the prodigal son and he returned to the Lord and returned to me, to our marriage 3 months ago. God spoke to my spirit one day and said “I brought him back, I did this. Keep your eyes on me daughter and not on his past sins”
    In my husband’s great thankfulness that God forgave him and brought him back, he now wants to attend “church” on Sunday mornings. The one thing we have missed so very much is corporate worship. Long story shorter: we have visited many churches in the last 2 months, but never feel the slightest inclination to do anything else but visit. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ (as far as we know) but we have no desire to “join up” with them or join their “programs”. We have found most places to be preaching the milk of the Word. It was ok, but just ok. Not very inspiring.
    This Sunday, we shall be worshiping the Lord in our kayaks off the beach in Ft. Myers, FL…our home. No guilt….none. We intend to sing, praise and commune with our Father…one paddle stroke at a time.
    Chip and Carla, Thank you!!!! We appreciate the Father’s ministry through you so very much. It has been a lifeline to me.

    • Leanne

      Love it
      One paddle stroke at a time.
      Go Girl, far more uplifting I am sure.

  45. Grace J

    I so agree, Chip.
    There are so many who don’t even realize how their minds have been held captive by erroneous teachings that were cemented in the institutionalized religions centuries ago,
    Many won’t even study history to see for themselves how, and why, what they’ve been taught to believe came about. Maybe because of pride….but, for most, I think it is fear…..and both mindsets will hinder one from being able to sincerely love God and others.

  46. Thofi

    Chip, thank you! I never belonged to a church and refused to belong to one. Christ was always enough for me. But I started having doubts but Christ- in all his faithfulness- made sure your article about the Ekklesia landed on my desk somehow. Next thing I had access to your site and this is how Christ answered my prayers! Thank you!

  47. kaylan

    You sound overly zealous.. Not everyone is zealous each day of their lives. Good for you that you’re in the right. This is helping a lot of people. Thank you.

  48. Seth

    This article (message) hit home and has challenged me in a good way.
    I had one question about the usage of the Laodacean church referring to this present church age. I have heard that before and I am sympathetic towards that understanding/application especially for the west. However, I am wondering when I look at other parts of the church (Christ’s body) around the world and I see believers who perhaps fit better the church in Smyrna or Philladelphia, etc… In other words are you proposing this as a rock solid application or just where it fits? It seems in each age or point in history there are different aspects of the church that could identify with the different churches and their needed exhortations in Revelation. Your thoughts and comments when you have time. Thanks.

  49. Dave

    I see it like this – there are dual railway lines leading to a renewing experience of the kingdom of God experimentally and how that is portrayed corporately. I don’t believe this is on a single track – e.g. those in church cant have it only those out of church will get it. I personally believe that to have the real thing rather than even a genuine revelation of these things alone will take a breakthrough of the presence of God first – and God seems to turn up in some very unlikely places not just in completely “religion free” zones.

  50. Leanne

    I am one of those that came to your sight initially at a time in my life where I was questioning everything I believed.
    It was your tone that I recognized in you, you had found something that a that stage I had not found.
    As he was throwing me out of the church system, but as yet did not know he was, I just thought I was looking for something better, closer to the truth but was unable to find it.
    In the beginning I read very little of the articles about the church system (I know that is hard).
    I read all the Christ Centred ones, but at the same time he was working in me showing me his heart, what the church system had become.
    Later As he began working in me, along side it was your articles, as I began to read, it was like he showed me then would confirm it again through you.
    God has his ways of reaching & showing us, there is so little truth out there, to read the scriptures through Christ’s Spirit I have found is soooooo far from tradition,we do not understand that we are following nothing more than tradition ( hence many do leave the system & take the system with them & are just as carnal outside as inside) leaving really is just the beginning.

    All who take this journey & get a glimpse of the preeminence of Christ will never be the same, the further Away from the system the clearer it becomes, I to need no convincing.

    What I find so incredible in all of this is God will not fail Christ will not fail, yet Churchianity has made Christ out to be the greatest failure in history.

    I could never thank you enough, as I have been mute for a while now and only just begun to have words to begin expressing what The Lord has shown me , do I comprehend what it has cost you,
    As you shared some of the responses to this message with us you really are driven by Love , a love that is not humanly possible, & can only come from Him. A glimpse into the heart of our God. This love is of his is incredible.

    A great full sister

  51. wayne

    well said ~ your speaking the Fathers heart .

  52. Wendy Nelson

    This is confirmation to me, regarding my recent Facebook post. The Holy Spirit has led me to study this in-depth and to speak. I am reading “The 69th Generation: A Biblical Commentary on Daniel 9 and the Generation of Christ’s Return” and when studying the Aramaic and KJV Bible, the study of the 7th church generation: the Laodiceans jumped forth. Jesus wants to vomit the church people out of His mouth. Whoa, wakeup call! We are in the end times and God wants us to know this timeline. We cannot grow and work inside the church system until we are strong as individuals. Then, at some point or in some manner, we can present the work as God wants us to. We study with the Holy Spirit at home and I felt so much guilt for this after leaving church. However, it is so intimate and so wonderful and I can grow. I am no longer held back by church rules. Those were not God’s rules – they were carnal man’s rules. Chip, you have touched on something so vital and you know the Holy Spirit leads you every day. You do understand the problems in the church today. There is a balance between finger-pointer holier-than-thou types and come let us reason together. Finger-pointer ranting at people never does anything good and so many think that is their work. I don’t see any love in that. It isn’t educational, either. It just looks crazy. Giving a pamphlet or a book or sitting down and talking after praying for a person is so helpful. There is a way to reach people and you are so good at doing it. Thank you for all of your work! God bless you!

  53. A fellow disciple

    I read in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 34 today. I have no doubt that the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus led me to reading this along with the message given here. PLEASE, PLEASE, read this Chapter everyone in its entirety! Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will speak DIRECTLY by His Spirit to you. Where do you think the “Sheep” will be separated from the “Goats” in Matthew, Chapter 25: 31-46 if NOT WITHIN THE VERY SYSTEM THAT CALLS ITSELF CHRISTIAN??? I am being reduced to “Nothing” and “Nobody” but Jesus Christ alone as my Lord. How about you?


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